During your playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll be able to take on some Sharpshooter Challenges which will test your skills within the game by setting you out on different tasks.

Sharpshooter Challenge 1

Shoot the bird out of the sky with the help of Dead Eye.

The first Challenge is a simple one as all you’ll need to do is find and kill three birds that are airborne. Once you’ve found the birds activate Dead Eye for an easier time.

Sharpshooter Challenge 2

The Second Challenge will require you to take out two different specias of animal within the same Dead Eye use. This can be done with any two species in the game.

Sharpshooter Challenge 3

The Third Challenge will want you to kill five airborne birds whilst on a moving train. Once you’re on the train, keep a look out and then pop Dead Eye when the time is right.

Sharpshooter Challenge 4

The Fourth Challenge will require you to kill someone with a Tomahawk from 80 Meters away. In order to do this you’ll need to have your Dead Eye fully upgraded, and then when you find your target use Dead Eye and aim for the head for a guaranteed takedown.

Sharpshooter Challenge 5

Challenge six will require you to take out six animals without reloading or switching your weapon. In order to do this you’ll need to find a pen of aniamls, and then use dead eye with dual pistols for a better chance at completing this task.

Sharpshooter Challenge 6

This Challenge will require you to take out someone from 660 feet with a long scoped rifle that you can purchase from any gunsmith in the game. Once the weapon has been acquired head over and find your target and then position yourself a good distance away. If you don’t manage to get the correct distance the first time around, take a look at the challenge section to find out your recorded distances.

Sharpshooter Challenge 7

Your next challenge will require you to get seven headshot kills in a row, this is easily doable with the use of Dead Eye. Luckily for you this challenge isn’t timed so you can carefully pick your shots, but beware, if you die the challenge will reset.

Sharpshooter Challenge 8

Challenge eight will require you to unarm enemies without reloading or switching weapons, this can be done by using Dead Eye and shooting their hands.

Sharpshooter Challenge 9

Challenge nine will require you to activate Dead Eye and aim for the enemies hats to shoot them off. Repeat this three times to complete the challenge.

Sharpshooter Challenge 10

The last challenge in the Sharpshooter section is a tricky one, as you’ll need to kill three airborne birds in a row whilst using a long Scoped Rifle. Purchase the rifle from the gunsmith and then equip a Short Scope to make your life a little eaiser. Once you’ve found your target, activate Dead Eye and go in for the kill.

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