This is the final story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 and as such, expect a lot of enemies toward the latter stages of the mission. Ensure your guns are clean and you have sufficient ammo, also consider bringing a full stock of Snake Oil and Chewing Tobacco with you to help with the accuracy requirement. When you’re ready, head into the ranch and speak to Abigail to get the mission underway.

Sadie has located Cleet who should be able to lead you to Micah at long last, mount up and follow Sadie to Strawberry where you’ll leave your horses. Head over towards the bridge and when Sadie gives the go ahead, finish crossing the bridge to locate Cleet. Run after him around the back of the houses and eventually you’ll corner him. Proceed to beat some sense into Cleet and then drag him up to the gallows, tieing the noose around his neck. As you go to pull the lever, Cleet finally gives up the goods and you’ll get to decide his fate, go ahead and spare him for the Honor boost, Sadie ensures he meets an untimely end regardless.

Head across the bridge to find Cleet straight away.

As soon as you mount up to make your way to the mountains, check your loadout. You’ll want to ensure you have a good rifle, the Litchfield Repeater being a good choice, along with a scoped rifle such as the Carcano Rifle. Once you ride a short distance out of Strawberry, you’ll automatically arrive at your destination where Charles is hit by a sniper in the mountains. Quickly dismount from your horse and advance up the mountain path using the cover between each shot. Once you’re near enough, pull out your scoped rifle and use Dead Eye to score a headshot on the sniper.

(1 of 2) Move up the path using the cover

Move up the path using the cover (left), the use a scoped rifle and Dead Eye to headshot the sniper. (right)

Head back down the path and check on Charles, injured, who will suggest Sadie and John continue on ahead. Reluctantly leave Charles behind and begin making your way up the mountain path and the shootout truly begins. There are no headshot requirements or time related requirements so prioritize accuracy and your health at all times. If you bought a stock of Snake Oils with you then you can use short bursts of Dead Eye on each of the enemies to guarantee headshots and thus, high accuracy.

Continue pressing forward, using the radar to spot the direction the enemy is approaching from and when you reach the top, Sadie will be put out of action thanks to a knife wound that she suffers. Alone now, head up the ridge to find three more men, activate Dead Eye and kill all three instantly. The shootout becomes more of a long distance affair at this point and unless you’re competent with your shooting, you’ll want to make constant use of Dead Eye to kill the enemies, especially the ones that assault you from the top of the mountains. Once you reach the campsite, you’ll find yellow markers at each of them. You’ll need to inspect each one of them but be ready for action as you’ll be constantly attacked by enemies in hiding here. Once you begin making your descent towards the watchtower, you can rest easy as the worst of it is behind you, no more men await you other than Micah himself.

(1 of 2) Use Dead Eye after Sadie’s stabbed to kill the three men at the top

Use Dead Eye after Sadie’s stabbed to kill the three men at the top (left), continuous use of Dead Eye makes it easier to hit the targets in the distance. (right)

Following the cutscene, a shootout will begin between John and Micah and you’re at a disadvantage. There’s no way to win in against Micah so you’ll have to get creative, staying in cover, look to the top of the watchtower to spot a lantern, shoot it to light the area up and force Micah to move behind the crates to the left. Once again, fire a few bullets in the direction of Micah to cause him to move to the left once more, this time behind the outhouse. It’s all over at this point as Sadie intervenes and the final showdown plays out. Follow the onscreen instructions at this point, the events that follow should not be spoiled. Following the outcome, the credits will begin rolling, congratulations on completing Red Dead Redemption 2.

(1 of 2) Shoot the lantern at the start of the shootout with Micah

Shoot the lantern at the start of the shootout with Micah (left), then shoot the crates to force him to the outhouse to the left. (right)

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Endless Summer

Complete the Epilogue.

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