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Red Dead Redemption 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 29-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-11-2019 / 17:16 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 09-12-2019 / 15:56 GMT

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

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Chapter 4

Banking, the Old American Art

Gold Medal Checklist:

  • Crack the safe without making any mistakes
  • Complete using only sidearms
  • Get 25 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Beware of Missables!

This is the final mission for Chapter 4 and as such, there are many tasks you may wish to take care of before beginning it. Of special importance are the following missions which are missable and as such, will cause you to miss out on a Trophy/Achievement:

On top of that, this is the last chance you get access to the gang’s tithing box along with Companion Tasks and Item Requests. If you’ve been taking care of completing at least one Companion Task for Chapters 1-4 then you’ll unlock a Trophy/Achievement. You’ll also obtain a Trophy/Achievement for completing at least five Item Requests. Finally, be sure to donate at least $250 to the camp tithing box to unlock another Trophy/Achievement.


Robbing the Bank

Head inside the house at Shady Belle and speak to Hosea and Dutch to get the mission rolling. You’ll ride with the gang to the bank while Hosea and Abigail will head off to create a diversion. Be sure your Sidearms are clean and you have the best bullets you can buy, you’ll need to complete the mission using only Sidearms for the Gold Medal. Once the distraction goes off in style, put your mask or bandana on and enter the bank, heading over to the manager and threatening him to open the vault.

You’ll now need to open the vault without making any mistakes as the numbers are called out to you. You have time here so rotate the [LS] slowly to avoid mistakes, the numbers you’re looking for are 19-72-54. Once open, loot the contents and then you’ll be alerted about the commotion outside the bank where Hosea and Abigail have got themselves caught.

Take it slow when cracking the safe to avoid any mistakes
keep an eye on the balcony.

Hosea unfortunately doesn’t survive the encounter with the Pinkertons and the gang will retalliate. Stay in cover at all times and use Dead Eye to help you nail headshots on the enemies using your Sidearms only. They’re all in close proximity so accuracy shouldn’t be too much of an issue but you do need a hefty 25 headshots so try to ensure every kill is a headshot. The most dangerous enemies are those on the baclony across the street, make them your top priority.

Dutch will call over to Arthur after some time passes, head behind the counter and take the dynamite he hands you, attaching it to the marked wall and blowing it up. As you head outside to climb the ladder and provide cover, Javier will toss you a rifle, be sure to equip your Sidearms again once more to avoid voiding the Gold Medal requirement.

Once you reach the roof, take cover behind the wooden boards and begin providing cover fire with the balcony again being top priority. You can score at least another six headshots or more here and you should be nearing the 25 needed at this point. Near the end of this shootout, a wagon will arrive with a gatling gun, keep to cover and use Dead Eye to take the gunner out (use a Snake Oil if possible here). The gang catches up to Arthur at this point and begins to plan their escape, follow Lenny across the first roof where he unfortunately meets his demise. Quickly enter Dead Eye and headshot the two Pinkertons and then follow Dutch across the rooftops until you enter the window to lay low until the evening.

Use Dead Eye to help hit the Gatling gunner with Sidearms
whistle from this location to provide a diversion.

This now becomes a sneaking mission as you look to board the boat at the docks. Follow Dutch and then crouch walk through the train carts, stopping to hide behind a seat to let a guard walk past. At the next building, you’ll be stopped in your tracks by two more guards up ahead and Dutch will send Arthur to make a diversion. Head to the marked area to the left and whistle to alert the guards, stay crouched and walk around the other side to avoid them and meet back up with Dutch. Charles provides one last diversion to allow Dutch and the other gang members to sneak aboard the boat and end the mission, bringing Chapter 4 to a close.


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