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You’ll need to make the trip northwest to the town of Strawberry to find Micah locked up. The Gold Medal for this mission involves a lot of headshots while remaining accurate. For this reason, you’ll want items such as Snake Oil (it’s important you only recover Dead Eye, not health) or Chewing Tobacco to recover Dead Eye. Head over to the Jail and head inside to learn that Micah is indeed locked up there, head outside and over to the window to speak to him. There are a number of ways to break Micah out but the easiest and quickest is to use the nearby Steam Donkey by attaching the hook to the window and then pulling the lever.

(1 of 2) Use the nearby Steam Donkey to break Micah out

Use the nearby Steam Donkey to break Micah out (left), use Dead Eye to nail headshots. (right)

The mission begins in earnest now, stay in cover at all times to limit how much damage you suffer and make constant use of Dead Eye to score headshots, you’ll need 15 of them throughout the entire mission. After the first wave, follow Micah to the right to begin taking out the next wave, pay special attention to the Lawman by the house to the right. Once you get to the bottom of this path, you’ll get a brief lull in the action, take this time to drink some Snake Oil to recover some Dead Eye before following Micah once more. The final wave involves Lawman in all directions but the most important is the one situated on the balcony of the hotel, if you’re not quick then he’ll kill Micah. Quickly jump on the horse to begin the final part of this mission where you’ll be hunted by mounted Lawman as you plan your escape.

(1 of 2) Take out the Lawman on the balcony in the final wave first

Take out the Lawman on the balcony in the final wave first (left), during the escape, Dead Eye will help you kill the Lawman quickly. (right)

There are four pairs of Lawman to take out as you make your escape and you’ll need to kill all of them within 55 seconds for the Gold Medal so Dead Eye is crucial here for the accuracy and speed. The first pair are located just as you ride out of the entrance of Strawberry, the second pair approach from the left as you make your way down the path. The third pair ambushes from the right and the final pair attack from the left at the intersection. Once the final pair fall, follow Micah to escape the law, he’ll hand over a Holster allowing you to dual-wield by way of thanks.

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