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Red Dead Redemption 2
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Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 29-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-11-2019 / 17:16 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 24-01-2020 / 20:12 GMT

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

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Cigarette Card Sets

Marvels of Travel

1 - Packet Ship

The town of Annesburg is located close to the northeastern corner of the map, and that is where this card will be located. There are some docks on the right side of the town and you’ll find the card on top of a box under the roofed section.

2 - Schooner

From the previous card, travel south to the Van Horn Trading Post and locate the ships docked on the coast. Find the southernmost boat and climb the stairs to the top. You’ll know you’re in the right spot, as there is a bed here. The card will be underneath the bed.

3 - Camel Caravan

You will find this card in the small town of Rhodes, found west of Saint Denis. Across the street from the saloon is a house that will have a clothesline in the yard. Right next to the clothesline will be a small table. You’ll find the card on the table, although you may need to pick up a coin before being allowed to grab the card.

4 - Elephant Carriage

You’ll find this card in the town of Strawberry. You’re looking for the Trackers Hotel building, which isn’t the actual hotel you can rent a room at, but a normal building next door to the post office. Go behind the building to find some stairs and you will find the card at the top, on the railing.

The location of the Packet Ship card on the map
You will find it on a table on the docks
The location of the Schooner card on the map
It's underneath the bed on the second level of the southernmost boat
The location of the Camel Caravan card on the map
Look on the table next to the clothesline across from the saloon
The location of the Elephant Carriage card on the map
It's at the top of the stairs behind the Trackers Hotel building

5 - Goat Carriage

East of the town of Valentine, you will find a ranch on the map called Emerald Ranch, which is where you’ll want to go for this card. Look for the big stable on the western side of the ranch. Hop the fence, noting to be quick before the ranch hands do anything to you as they tell you repeatedly to leave, and go to the northwest corner of the stable to find the card on a bench.

6 - Hot Air Balloon

This card will be found within the town limits of Saint Denis, in the southeastern corner of the map. There are two saloons in this town and you’ll want to find the northeastern one. Go into that saloon and head to the back room, where you’ll find the card on the shelf.

7 - US Frigate

South of Rhodes is Braithwaite Manor on your map, which is a place that isn’t very welcoming of you trespassing on their property. Luckily, the card isn’t located on their ground, but in a small building on the coast (might still be on their lands, but should be no one here). The easiest way to get there is head to the coast before entering their land, then follow it south until you get to the building with the dock. The card will be on a table behind the overturned boat, inside of the building.

8 - The Showboat

This is the second card that can be found in Saint Denis. South of the "D" in Denis is a large dock on the southern end of town, sandwiched between two ships. You know you have the right one, as there is a building with "Harbor Master" written on the front of it there. On the eastern side of this building is a small table that looks to have been used for filleting fish; the card will be on that table.

The location of the Goat Carriage card on the map
It's on a table inside of the big stable
The location of the Hot Air Balloon card on the map
It's on a shelf in the northeastern saloon
The location of the US Frigate card on the map
It's on a table behind the overturned boat
The location of The Showboat card on the map
It's on a fish-gutting table on the side of the building with Harbor Master on it

9 - Balener Whaling Vessel

While following the water/docks, head northeast from the previous card and look for a small, blue hexagonal structure by the ramp that leads into the water. The card will be on the sill of that little blue structure.

10 - Stagecoach

East of the town of Strawberry, there is a small train station called Riggs Station, which is west of the Dakota River. If you go to Flatneck Station south of your Chapter 2 gang camp and follow the tracks west, you will come to Riggs Station. Go behind the main building there and you’ll find this card sitting on the bench.

11 - Steam Locomotive

North of Rhodes is an area called Southfield Flats and if you look straight west from there, you should spot a lone building on your map. If you head there, it’s actually a broken down building that doesn’t really have much to it. However, there is a small gap in the dilapidated building that will house this card.

12 - Velocipede

On the northern side of Saint Denis, above the name on the map, there are some bigger houses just north of the northernmost street there. You’re looking for the one that’s north of the "I" and "N" in Saint, which is just to the left of the three close together. There will be a small porch on the side of this house, where you’ll find the card on a small table.

The location of the Balener Whaling Vessel card on the map
It's on a sill of the blue octogonal structure on the docks
The location of the Stagecoach card on the map
It's on a bench on the backside of the building
The location of the Steam Locomotive card on the map
Look for the small gap in the wall for this card
The location of the Velocipede card on the map
It's on the smaller porch on the side of the house

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