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Keeping Morale Up

Horseshoe Overlook is the base of operations for the Van der Linde Gang during the events of Chapter 2. Here you’ll have to contribute to the upkeep of the Gang by providing funds, provisions and medicine. You’ll also find all your other gang members here and can take part in companion activities and more.

You can also increase camp morale by taking part in keeping the camp clean, this is denoted with a small black icon on the radar. Keeping morale up will result in a happier camp along with additional supplies all over the camp.

Donating to Camp

There are numerous ways for you to donate to a camp such as skinning animals and bringing the pelts to Pearson or using the Ledger to donate directly. In bringing pelts and carcasses to Pearson, you’ll be able to craft Satchels with helpful benefits.

Use the Ledger to purchase camp upgrades.

Once you gain access to the Ledger upon completing the Story Mission Money Lending and Other Sins I&II which will allow you to directly donate to the camp by using the Ledger next to the box that Dutch has set up near his tent. Using this you can purchase camp upgrades such as improving tents or buying a boat, all of which unlock new features or better supplies. You’ll be using the camp’s funds for this task so you’ll want to donate your own money to the box to fund this operation. You’ll find a list of upgrades in the table below along with what effects they bring.

Health Supplies

Tier Items Cost
1 Biters, Gin, Health Cure -
2 Potent Biters, Snake Oil, Stimulants $30
3 Guarma Rum, Kentucky Bourbon, Miracle Tonic $50
4 Potent Health Cure, Potent Miracle Tonic $75

Provision Supplies

Tier Items Cost
1 Assorted Biscuits, Bread Roll, Cheese, Crackers -
2 Apples, Assorted Salted Offal, Canned Vegetables, Pears $30
3 Canned Fruit, Canned Salmon, Chewing Tobacco $45
4 Candy, Cocaine Gum $55

Ammunition Supplies

Tier Items Cost
1 Regular Pistol Cartridges, Regular Revolver Cartridges -
2 Arrows, Regular Repeater Cartridges $60
3 Regular Shotgun Shells, Regular Rifle Cartridges, Throwing Knives $90
4 Fire Bottles, High Velocity Repeater Cartridges $110

Lodging Upgrades

Tier Effect Cost
First Things First Encourages other gang members to donate more $220
Next in Line Adds a Fast Travel Map to Arthur’s tent along with Cigarettes and Hair Pomade $325
For Everyone! Improves camp morale, supplies consumption decreased, gang members donate more $300

Other Upgrades

Name Effect Cost
Horse Station Allows you to retrieve horses from stables or call your main horse $300
Chicken Coup Adds eggs to the Camp Stew, recovering more of your Cores upon consumption $175
Leather Working Tools Unlocks more crafting options for Pearson $225
Camp Boat (Chapters 3&4 only) Provides a boat at camp allowing you to reach better fishing spots $450

There is a lot to upgrade however your progress with the camp will carry over between Chapters so you won’t have to start from scratch every time. It’s also in your best interest as it will raise your Honor level which is a requirement for certain missions later in the game.


The final task to note at camp hideouts are your companions themselves. You’ll often find them with tasks for you or Item Requests, be sure to complete these as they become available as there are two missable Trophies/Achievements related to them. Make a habbit of returning to the camp reguarly to check up on your fellow gang members and find new tasks to partake in, you’ll find a list for Chapter 2 related tasks in the table below.

Chapter 2 Tasks

Companion Task
All Dominoes
All Poker
Charles Hunting (Poison Knife Recipe)
Javier Home Robbery
Lenny Five Finger Fillet

Chapter 2 Item Requests

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