Red Dead Redemption 2

Master Hunter Challenges

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During your journey through Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll be able to take on a series of challenges that will put your skills to the test when it comes to the hunting side of things.

Master Hunter Challenge 1

(1 of 2) Find a deer out in the wild and use Dead Eye to get a clean headshot,

Find a deer out in the wild and use Dead Eye to get a clean headshot, (left), and then head over it skin it. (right)

The first of your Challenges will require you to skin three deer, this is easily doable by using the Eagle Eye ability that is given to you.

Master Hunter Challenge 2

The second Challenge will require you to skin three perfect rabbit pelts, once you find them you’ll want to aim for the head with a small game arrow for a clean shot.

Master Hunter Challenge 3

This Challenge will want you to hunt down 10 different types of animals with the binoculars, to do this you’ll need to study the animals in the world first and then use your binoculars to track them by holding the button down.

Master Hunter Challenge 4

This Challenge will require you to sneak up on an animal and then call them over, once alerted use Dead Eye and shoot at their head for a clean shot. Repeat this five times to complete this challenge.

Master Hunter Challenge 5

Your fifth Challenge will require you to hunt and skin three bears, you’ll be able to find them around the northern part of the map hidden near the mountains. Bring alot of ammo with you and aim for the head to deal maximum damage which will make it eaiser for you.

Master Hunter Challenge 6

The sixth Challenge will want you to hunt down and skin five Cougers by using only your bow. You’ll be able to locate the Cougers around the mountains to the north of the map.

Master Hunter Challenge 7

Your next Challenge will require you to craft up some bait by using meat in the crafting menu and then luring both a predator and a herbivore with it. Scatter the bait around and hope they come looking for it.

Master Hunter Challenge 8

Your eighth Challenge will require you to fish three fish without the assistance of a fishing rod. To do this you’ll need to look for the fish in the water and use your bow to shoot them before they get away.

Master Hunter Challenge 9

In order to complete this Challenge you’ll need to catch an opossum that is playing possum. Once you find the opossum you’ll need to chase it until it faints and then quickly pick it up.

Master Hunter Challenge 10

For the final Challenge you’ll need to hunt down a Legendary Panther that’s named Giaguaro, the panther can be found lurking around west of Shady Belle in Lemoyne once you’ve reached this part of the series of challenges.

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