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Red Dead Redemption 2

The Fine Joys of Tobacco

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin

Head back to Braithwaite Manor following the completion of Advertising, the New American Art to meet up with Hosea and proceed with the plan. This time around, Lady Braithwaite wants you to head to the Gray’s tobacco fields and torch them as Sean will accompany Arthur. Opt to hide in the wagon as you approach Caliga Hall and allow Sean to sweet talk his way into the wagon store. Once he begins speaking to Hamish, get off the wagon and stealth kill him.

Arthur and Sean decide to wait until night before kicking things off, follow Sean and hide behind the crates until he dispatches the nearby guard. You now have two minutes 20 seconds to douse all of the fields, do this by holding down the [R2]/[RT] button while in the marked yellow areas. Continue pouring until the marker is gone and you’ll need to be quick if you’re to meet the Gold Medal requirement. As a rule, always be on the move towards the next marker when dousing, keeping to the back of the patrols as you cross over to the other fields. Once they’re all doused, head over to the barn and wait for Sean to douse it, tossing a Fire Bottle into it to get the party started.

(1 of 2) Move towards the next marker as you douse the fields to save time

Move towards the next marker as you douse the fields to save time (left), be sure to kill the Grays in the escape before Sean has a chance to. (right)

Using the other Fire Bottles in your possession, toss them into the other fields that you just doused to ignite them and then stick with Sean as you’ll have to look for your getaway horses. Keep to cover here and dispatch the Grays as you make your way to the payroll horse, remember that you can’t heal if you want that Gold Medal so be careful not to take too much damage.

Cut the horses free once you reach them and then mount up to wait for Sean. This begins the escape section of the mission and you’ll have to be quick and precise if you want to score the five kills needed for the Gold Medal. Sean is meticulous when it comes to killing the Grays so you’ll need to make sure you pull the trigger before him, Dead Eye helps a great deal here as it not only freezes time but also highlights where the Grays are. Once you’ve killed at least five, follow Sean out of the front gate to escape Caliga Hall, opting to return to camp with him to complete the mission.

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