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Red Dead Redemption 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 29-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-11-2019 / 17:16 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 11-12-2019 / 22:20 GMT

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

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Chapter 2

The Sheep and the Goats

Gold Medal Checklist:

  • Herd all the sheep in to the pen in Valentine
  • Get 25 headshots
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Warning!: Valentine will be placed into Lockdown following the completion of this mission. Be sure that you’ve finished any and all Bounties and other activities before beginning this mission.

You’ll find John in Valnetine following the Pouring Forth Oil mission and he fills you in his latest job, herding sheep back to the ranch. Follow him and hitch your horse, heading into the gunsmith after to score yourself a Rolling Block Rifle, your first Sniper Rifle. Mount back up and follow John to the lookout point.

Take aim with the Sniper when the ranchers are near and shoot the ground to scare them off. Repeat this one more time to scare the final rancher off and then head down to the Sheep. You’ll need to herd all 15 back to the auction yard, do this by riding behind them and shouting ([L2]/[LT] and [O]/[B]) to hurry them along. You may notice a few stragglers from time to time indicated by a yellow marker on the radar, you’ll need to head to these individually and herd them back into the flock. Once you’ve returned all 15 Sheep, head into town and over to the Saloon to meet up with Dutch.

Yellow markers on the radar indicate stragglers
use Dead Eye to kill the enemy that has John captive.

Matters take an unexpected turn when Leviticus Cornwall himself turns up looking for payback for your recent robberies. Once you gain control of John, slowly press the [R2]/[RT] button to fill the circle and then draw, taking out the enemy that has John. A shootout will follow this, you’ll need to maintain above 70% accuracy while nailing at least 25 headshots for the Gold Medal.

Use Dead Eye on the first group to score some easy headshots and then move foward toward the wagon with the others. Look behind you to spot more, don’t let them attack you from behind or you’ll fall quickly. Continue to aim for headshots as you move through the town behind the wagon, taking care to shoot the enemies on the balconies first. Eventually, Strauss will take a bullet and you’ll need to escort him over to Dutch and John. Make sure you shoot the enemies to your right first along with one more on top of the Stables before grabbing Strauss and heading over to Dutch.

Shoot the enemies to the right before picking Strauss up
you can stay after the others escape to score more headshots.

As the others escape, you’re left alone behind cover in Valentine and if you haven’t yet nailed the 25 headshots, stay a while and take more out until you’re comfortable (or your life is in danger) with your marksmanship. Mount the horse and gallop away as fast as possible from Valentine, you only need to escape the red circle to be evade the law and the river is a good place to do this. The mission concludes following your successful escape and you’ll need to head back to the camp to begin the final mission of Chapter 2.

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