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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Nathan Garvin
First Published: 10-04-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 03-07-2020 / 22:20 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 08-07-2020 / 13:04 GMT

Aerith Max Stats


Aerith's Weapons

Guard StickArcane WardAerith starts the game with this weapon.
Silver StaffSorcerous StormChapter 8 - Buy from the Moogle Emporium.
Arcane ScepterFleeting FamiliarChapter 9 - Complete the side quest A Dynamite Body or Shears' Counterattack.
Mythril PodRay of JudgmentChapter 11 - Found in a chest.
Bladed StaffLustrous ShieldChapter 11 - Steal from Eligor.
Reinforced StaffATB WardChapter 17ref> - Found in a chest in Aerith's room.

Aerith's Abilities

Soul DrainUnleash an attack that absorbs MP. Absorbs additional MP from Staggered enemies.
Arcane WardConjure a ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice.
Sorcerous StormDeal magic damage to nearby enemies.
Lustrous ShieldConjure a magical shield that keeps enemies at bay and stops projectiles.
Ray of JudgmentFire an energy burst that hits multiple times. Increased Stagger damage bonus. Costs 2 ATB.
ATB WardConjure a magical ward. Allies who use ATB within it regain partial ATB from your gauge. Costs 2 ATB.
Fleeting FamiliarSummon a fairy that attacks your enemies periodically as well as after you use abilities and spells.
Limit BreakEffect
Healing WindSummon a soothing breeze to restore a moderate amount of HP to all party members.
Planet's ProtectionEntreat the planet's favor to nullify physical damage dealt to all party members.

Aerith: Overview

Aerith is the premier healer in the game, due to a combination of abilities and stats. It doesn't hurt that, with some exceptions, her weapons tend to boost her Magic Attack more than any other character's. Like Barret, her attacks are ranged, but her attack speed and damage output leaves much to be desired, so it's best to just use normal attacks to charge her ATB so she can do what she does best - cast spells.

While not quite a glass cannon, Aerith is the most fragile character in the game, having the lowest HP, STR, VIT and LCK, while possessing the highest MP, MAG and SPR. Still, a few points does not a mage make, but Aerith has the abilities to back up her claim as the top caster in the game. Or rather, the ability: "Arcane Ward" will place a fairly large ward on the ground, and if a character casts an offensive spell while standing in it, they'll automatically cast it twice. Granted, any caster can make use of this, and Aerith doesn't even need to target herself, but with her tendency to have the highest MAG score in the party and the sheer convenience of commanding her to use this while you tank/aggro with another character, she'll likely make use of it the most. Not only is "Arcane Ward" incredibly powerful, but she starts the game with access to it, so she's a beast from the moment she joins your party. Her other abilities are... fine, "Soul Drain" can leech you some MP - an issue which, with planning, you'll never need to worry about and "Ray of Judgment" is her attempt to contribute to inflicting Stagger, but there's rarely a time you wouldn't rather just double-cast an offensive spell or use some buff or debuff.

Aerith is your caster, so obviously the weapon with the highest Magic Attack is the best one to use, right? Well... no. There are other considerations to be made, and all things considered we view the Silver Staff as the best weapon to use, especially in Hard difficulty. Despite not having the highest Magic Attack, it does have the third highest among all her weapons, and you can buy bonuses to elemental damage inflicted by offensive spells, which helps. It also has Attack/Healing Spell MP Cost Reduction and MP Regeneration 50% Boost, which will help keep her MP up. Best of all, it has Reprieve. All things considered, it'll probably serve you better than her other weapons.

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