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Daddys Little Girl

Claire Farnworth

Quick Mission Guide

Follow these steps to complete the mission successfully without worrying about medal requirements. If you need help with the Gold Medal, check here.

  1. Go to Michael’s Home to begin this Mission.
  2. Drive to the Beach - Go outside and drive to the beach.
  3. Grab a Bike - Grab you and Jimmy a bike, then race him to the pier by pressing the [X] button.
  4. Swim to the Yacht - After the cycling has come to a close, jump into the water and swim to the yacht.
  5. Escape! - Once you’ve collected Tracy, jump on the jetski and race through the outlet to lose the pursuers.
  6. Return to the Shore - Upon losing the pursuers, return to Jimmy at the shore to complete the Mission.

Gold Medal Requirements:

  1. Fastest Speed - Reach top speed on the Seashark
  2. Stabilizer - Don’t fall off the bicycle
  3. Faster Than Fish - Swim to the boat within 1:00

More recreation time with the kids. This mission is a lot of fun and you get to use a jetski and bicycle for the first time.

Fastest Speed

This is quite a simple challenge. As soon as you gain control of the Seashark, head for the outlet that Tracey points out. The line through here is quite straight so you should be able to get up to top speed before you have to turn. Another opportunity to do this is when you come out into the docks.

(1 of 3) Grab a Bike from the stand


If you choose the road bike (which is the yellow one at the end of the group) and you are replaying this mission, your stamina will be more than adequate to beat Jimmy as he really is slow. If that is the case, you do not need to worry too much about your speed and you can slowly and carefully make your way round the course.

The only parts to look out for are where the route veers up a ramp to the pier itself. There are also quite a few pedestrians to dodge past but there isn’t any need to peddle full speed for most of the course so you should have plenty of time to notice any obstacles.

Faster Than Fish

If you have improved Michael’s stamina, it will help immensely for this section. Dive into the water and swim to the surface as soon as you can. Then just mash the sprint button while swimming towards the boat. Swimming beneath the surface slows you down.

If Michael is struggling for stamina, slow up a little but you should still make it with clever use of sprint bursts. If you still cannot do it, it may be better to improve his stamina a little and then attempt the challenge again.


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