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Cleaning Out The Bureau, Architects Plans and Fire Truck

Claire Farnworth

Quick Mission Guide (Cleaning Out The Bureau)

Follow these steps to complete the mission successfully without worrying about medal requirements. If you need help with the Gold Medal, check here.

  1. Head to the L on the map as Michael when you’ve completed Fresh Meat to begin this mission.
  2. FIB - After the scene has come to a close, head to the FIB Building and wait for the janitor to leave.
  3. Follow the Janitor - Once you’ve located the vehicle, follow it to their home, then head inside to acquire overalls.
  4. Return to the Factory - Finally, return to the garment factory to complete the mission.

Gold Medal Requirements: (Cleaning Out The Bureau)

  1. Eagle Eye - Check all license plates.
  2. He Missed A Spot - Follow the janitor without being spotted.
  3. Cleaned Out - Complete within 09:00.

The crew needs a way to access the Bureau.

Eagle Eye

When on the stakeout, every time a car shows, you must zoom in using the on-screen prompt and check the plate as it drives by.

He Missed A Spot

You will need to stay far away from the car to the point where you can only see it in the distance. If the car stops, you must stop too. Try to be as unassuming as possible otherwise the janitor will ask if he’s being followed.

(1 of 2) Wait for car with the janitor to leave the garage

Wait for car with the janitor to leave the garage (left), then follow it from a distance until you reach their home. (right)

Cleaned Out

If you skip cutscenes and stick to what the mission asks you to do, there should be no problems. It is important you try not to rush when following the janitor as your time could increase.

Quick Mission Guide (Architects Plans)

  1. Once you’ve completed Cleaning Out The Bureau, switch over to Franklin when he calls you to begin this mission.
  2. Tail the Architect - After you’ve gotten off the phone, tail the architect, then perform a stealth takedown when the game gives you the go ahead.
  3. Return to the Factory - Finally, grab the plans and return to Lester at the garment factory to finish the misison.

Gold Medal Requirements: (Architects Plans)

  1. Quick Getaway - Leave the construction site in 00:45.

You need the plans for the building.

Quick Getaway

You will need a parachute before you start this mission. Once you’ve done what you need to do at the top of the building, simply base jump off the top. Open your parachute up and float sedately to the ground. Good work!

If you are trying the subtle method, you can grab the suitcase after stealth killing the architect and because no one is trying to murder you, you can just ride the elevator to the ground. But that’s not as fun.

(1 of 2) Follow the Architect and take him down to get the plans

Follow the Architect and take him down to get the plans (left), then call the fire department to acquire a fire truck. (right)

Quick Mission Guide (Fire Truck)

  1. Phone the Emergency Services and reqest the Fire Department, then when they arrive, steal the truck and park it near the garment factory to complete the mission.

Gold Medal Requirements: (Fire Truck)

  1. What Is Your Emergency? - - Call 911 to contact the fire department.
  2. Not A Scratch - Deliver the Fire Truck with no damage.

If you chose the Fire Crew method, you will obviously need a Fire Truck. Use Franklin for this mission.

What Is Your Emergency?

You must use your cellphone to call the fire department and then wait for them to arrive.

Not A Scratch

When the truck arrives, quickly hijack the truck and drive off. Use Franklin’s ability to lose the cops and avoid any collisions. Return to the garment factory when you can.


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