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Grand Theft Auto V


Claire Farnworth

Bridge 36

There are three bridges close together here and this is the first.

- Rail Bridge, La Puerta

This bridge has a fair amount of space underneath so you should not need to make many adjustments to your flight path.

Bridge 37

The second of three bridges.

- Dutch London Street Overpass, La Puerta

Stay low here as the space underneath is quite tight. Simply lower your height but maintain speed as you pass through this section.

Bridge 38

Be very careful with this third and final bridge in the cluster.

- Greenwich Parkway Overpass, La Puerta

You’ll need to re-adjust your height again here because this one is pretty low to the ground. Again, keep up your speed while lowering altitude. Be careful not to end up in the water though.

Bridge 39

Traffic is an issue here because of the bridge height.

- Highway 1 Pedestrian Bridge

Watch out for trucks in particular as you head under here. Other traffic is still a problem for choppers because they won’t stop even though there’s an aircraft looming above them!

Bridge 40

Another massive bridge out here though it is a little lower than some of the others.

- Great Ocean Highway Bridge, Lago Zancudo

You may find a light plane easier to pilot through here but a helicopter should still not have too many problems.

Bridge 41

This bridge is nice and easy.

- Fort Zancudo Approach Road Bridge, Lago Zancudo

Feel free to use whichever aircraft you like as, other than the supports, there is a lot of room. Stick with the helicopter though if you wish to continue down the river as it will come in handy soon.

Bridge 42

Do not fly under the second bridge near the waterfall as it doesn’t count.

- Route 66 Bridge, Tongva Valley

Head down to this bridge from the river. The bridge does not pose a problem for any aircraft so make a quick pass and head back to the river for the next one.

Bridge 43

This is a pretty small bridge.

- Route 68, Zancudo River

Stick with the helicopter here as you will need to fly quite low to the ground to get under here. It is also not very wide so a plane may struggle.

Bridge 44

The bridge is very low to the water so be very careful.

- Wooden Bridge, Zancudo River

A helicopter can be used to slowly pass under here and you can avoid the hill on the other side a little easier or if you prefer, you can use a plane and follow the curve of the river as you fly under but you will need to pull up before you hit the hill.

Bridge 45

There are two bridges close together here.

- Rail Bridge, East Zancudo River

The rail bridge is quite tall but there are cliffs to avoid on either side. It’s not really a problem for a chopper and you can come in low to prepare for the next bridge.

Bridge 46

This next bridge can only just fit a plane through it so stick with the chopper.

- Calafia Road Bridge, mouth of East Zancudo River

Descend slowly from the last bridge and gently fly under this bridge. Watch out for the water as you go. You can also approach these bridges from the other side if you prefer.

Bridge 47

Head in a westerly direction to begin the next series of bridges.

- Calafia Road Bridge, over Cassidy Creek

The bridge is wide but low so take it easy through here. Keep an eye on the water as an indication of how close to the water you are.

Bridge 48

This is a nice arch bridge just pass the last one.

- Calafia Bridge, over Cassidy Creek

There is plenty of space for any aircraft here so pick up a little speed and keep following the river to the next bridge.

Bridge 49

The final bridge at the end of the river here.

- Pacific Coast Highway 1 Bridge, North Chumash

Like the last bridge, this is another massive one so keep the speed up, pass under and turn back towards the very last challenge!

Bridge 50

Approach in a downhill manner because uphill is a very difficult pass.

- Mountain Bridge near Altruist Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

There are two mountain bridges in this area but you need this one. Descend towards it in a chopper and do your best to avoid the cliffs and supports. It is a lot easier downhill but just take it easy. This is the final challenge.

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Close Shave

Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Fight challenges.

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