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Grand Theft Auto V

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Claire Farnworth

Bridge 21

This bridge is not as tall as it looks so be careful.

- Dutch London Street Flood Control Overpass, La Mesa

Stick to the right side as you have a little more room though it doesn’t really matter. The helicopter will make it either way.

Bridge 22

You may recognise this part of the canal from your travels and various races in the game.

- Chum Street Bridge, Cypress Flats

You should obviously head for the largest opening to pass under the bridge to give you the best chance of getting under. You can pass under various parts but this is by far the best way.

Bridge 23

You will begin a series of 4 challenges starting with this one. All 4 are very close together as you come out of the canal.

- Rail Bridge, Cypress Flats

Hover low in your chopper to gently pass under the rail bridge. It will bring you pretty close to the water so keep an eye on the water.

Bridge 24

You will definitely need a helicopter to get through this section. It is strewn with obstacles.

- Buccaneer Way Bridge, Cypress Flats

Keep the speed even and try not to tilt the helicopter’s nose too much or you could end up in the water or crashing into the various supports around. Keep low to the water because the bridge is very low.

Bridge 25

You can't miss this one!

- Elysian Fields Freeway Overpass, Cypress Flats

Feel free to gain some nice altitude for this one because it is one of the biggest bridges in the game. You really can’t miss it. This is the last of the bridges down this section of the canal.

Bridge 26

Watch out for traffic as you hover over the freeway.

- Del Perro Freeway, San Andreas Ave Overpass, Murrieta Heights

Keep with the helicopter for these next few bridges. You will need to head in low to get under the overpass and watch out for traffic.

Bridge 27

Keep low as you follow the freeway.

- Del Perro Freeway, Vespucci Bldv Overpass, Murrieta Heights

This is another low-lying bridge so keep your height low to the ground, just above the traffic and take it slow.It is nice and wide so you don’t have to worry about support beams.

Bridge 28

Stick to following the freeway until you reach this bridge.

- El Rancho Blvd, Palomino Freeway Overpass, Murrieta Heights

Head past the dam and and under the Palomino Freeway. There is plenty of room and you don’t need to stay quite as low as before.

Bridge 29

Welcome to two of the hardest bridges to get under in the game.

- Signal Street Bridge, Banning

There is a fine line between getting under the bridge and going for a swim. You can only just fit an aircraft under here and you must stay perilously close to the water. Use a helicopter and keep the speed up enough so you don’t have to tilt the chopper as you pass under. Any adjustments and you;ll be straight in the water,

Bridge 30

And this is the next horribly low bridge.

- Canal Rail Bridge, Banning

Similar to the last bridge, stay very low to the water. If you aren’t comfortable holding your altitude from the last bridge, come away and reset your height. Maintain momentum through the bridge again, and keep it straight and steady. Phew!

Bridge 31

After the last two bridges, this one is simple.

- Mariam Turner Overpass, Banning

This is a massive bridge so quickly fly under it and turn around to prepare to head up the next canal.

Bridge 32

Be wary of the curve in the canal.

- Dutch London Street Canal Bridge

Keep low over the water and watch for the curve because you may have to make a small adjustment as you come out the other side.

Bridge 33

The canal bends again just after this one.

- Strawberry Avenue Canal Bridge, Maze Bank Arena

There is plenty of room underneath and to the side of the bridge so don’t worry too much about this one.

Bridge 34

Lower your altitude for this next one.

- Alta Street Canal Bridge, La Puerta

Head in low with a chopper (which you have hopefully been using all the way along anyway) and make sure not to touch the ground as you pass underneath.

Bridge 35

Another set of overlapping bridges but it only counts as one challenge.

- Interstate 5 Canal Bridge, La Puerta

This is a nice tall bridge that can fit most small aircraft underneath. The chopper will have no trouble here.

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