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Deep Inside

Claire Farnworth

Quick Mission Guide

Follow these steps to complete the mission successfully without worrying about medal requirements. If you need help with the Gold Medal, check here.

  1. Once you’ve completed Caida Libre, head to the D on the map as Franklin to begin this mission.
  2. Get Inside - Climb over the gate and knock out the actor to steal his clothes, then walk over to the set and get in the car.
  3. Escape - Finally, drive back to the garage whilst making use of the spikes and ejector seat to complete the mission

Gold Medal Requirements:

  1. Not A Scratch - Deliver the JB 700 with no damage.
  2. Fastest Speed - Reach top speed in the JB 700.
  3. Stealthy Recasting - Knock out the actor with a stealth attack.
  4. Premature Ejector - Use the ejector seat within 00:10.
  5. Second Strike - Run over the actor as you escape in the JB 700.

You need to steal another car. But this is no ordinary car.

Not A Scratch

This challenge is markedly harder as the actress in the car constantly grabs your steering wheel and you are being chased down by security. You must use Franklin’s special to compensate for this and to make tight turns to lose security. Be prepared for your car to swerve back and forth as the actress grabs the steering wheel.

You can always let the security catch up and as soon as they stop, use Franklin’s ability to escape and go in the opposite direction. By the time they turn around they will be quite far behind giving you a chance to leave spikes in your wake. It takes some good timing to get the spikes right. You must wait until the car is near enough and directly behind you. You can use Franklin’s ability to line your car up with theirs to make it easier.

Fastest Speed

You will likely find yourself driving at breakneck speed to escape security during this mission so you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching top speed.

Stealthy Recasting

You will find the actor arguing with a set worker near his trailer. Sneak up behind him once the worker has run off and knock him out.

(1 of 2) Run over the actor on the way out

Run over the actor on the way out (left), then launch the woman out of the vehicle via the ejector seat (right)

Premature Ejector

After escaping security, Franklin and the actress will have a conversation about the car. As soon as the game prompts you to see what the red button does, press it and watch her fly.

Second Strike

As you drive past the trailer, you’ll notice a man in his underwear. Run him over.


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