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Grand Theft Auto V

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First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Troupe

Shane Williams

This page is a walkthrough for the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC mission, Welcome to the Troupe. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to defeating the Lost MC and finding the RV.

You'll meet some interesting characters in this DLC.

Hey Ron here. I’m heading up to Liquor Ace. There’s some kinda new crew in Town. Could be trouble. I’m not saying I need your backup or anything, but… I kinda need your backup. See you up there?

How To Start and Complete Welcome to the Troupe

Before you can start the DLC you’ll need to download the latest DLC which was released Tuesday 13th 2022, then boot up the game and wait for a call from Ron which should happen within 5 minutes. Next up, you’ll need to meet him in the Ace Liquor Store up in Sandy Shores. After you’ve witnessed the very interesting events in the cutscene you’ll find out the Lost MC are trying to steal Ron’s RV, so you’ll need to take them out.

How To Defeat The Lost MC

Once you regain control of your character you’ll find yourself up on the roof, so stay in cover and use a Marksman Rifle to take out enemies walking about in a distance, then switch over to an Assault Rifle nearby. Additionally, you can use Rocket Launchers and Grenades to destroy the vehicles the enemies come to take out multiple of them at once.

(1 of 3) Pick of the enemies with your Assault Rifle

If you find yourself taking lots of damage get back into cover and wait for your health to regen or use Snacks to speed up the process. After you’ve dealt with the enemies coming from this direction you’ll want to have a look at your mini-map, as more members of the Lost MC will be coming from other areas. Simply, move over where they’re located and get in cover, then repeat the process.

Recover Dax’s Stolen Journey

Once all the enemies have been dealt with, go down stairs and take the nearby boat which is marked on your map and cross the Alamo Sea until you reach the dock, then you’ll see Dax’s Journey in the distance. However, before you can take it you’ll have to deal with lots of more Lost MC members.

(1 of 2) Stay in cover and pick off all the enemies

Stay in cover and pick off all the enemies (left), then run over the Motorcyclists as you go to pickup Dax. (right)

Here you’ll want to use some boxes as cover and pick the enemies off in the distance with your AR, then if anyone gets brave and tries to get close, switch over to a Shotgun or SMG to quickly take them down. Pay close attention to your Mini-Map to see if anyone is trying to flank you.

Pick up Dax from The Liquor Ace

After you’ve dealt with the enemies, jump into the RV and drive back to the Ace Liquor Store and Pickup Dax. However along the way you’ll have vehicles blocking your path, so you’ll want to swerve out of the way. Additionally, you’ll have Motorcyclists coming towards you so simply drive straight into them or pick them off with your Pistol. Once you’ve picked up Dax, follow the way back to an abandoned warehouse and the first First Dose mission will come to a close.

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