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Grand Theft Auto V

How To Complete The High Society Leak: The Country Club in the Contract DLC

Shane Williams

This page is a walkthrough for The Contract DLC Mission, The Country Club in the Contract DLC. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to accessing the Surveillance Room and finding the Limo.

Start The Country Club Mission from the Contract Database.

Investigate the data signal at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club

How To Start The High Society Leak: The Country Club Mission in GTA Online

Once you’ve finished the Data Recovery Mission, continue doing your own thing in Free Roam, then eventually you’ll receive a call from both Imani and Franklin. Here you’ll discover that at least three sources have leaks from Dr. Dre’s Phone, so you’ll need to return to the Agency. Access the Contract Database via your computer in your Office, then select VIP Contracts > High Society Leak, then exit your Agency to begin.

How To Hack The Surveillance Room Keypad in The Country Club Mission in GTA Online

(1 of 3) Match your numbers with the changing numbers to unlock the door

Follow the waypoint over to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club and sneak past the cameras by avoiding them on the mini-map, then interact with the Keypad to the left of the door to the Surveillance Room and match the constantly changing numbers with your numbers at the top of the screen.

How To Hack The Security Terminal in The Country Club Mission in GTA Online

Once inside the Surveillance Room, take out the guards by using the door as cover, then approach the computers and press Right D-Pad to gain access to the Security Terminal. Here you’ll want to click My Computer > External Device > BruteForce.exe, then you’ll need to create a word by pressing X/A on the red letter from the left to right.

Where To Find The Limo in The Country Club Mission in GTA Online

After Imani has gained access she’ll mark the whereabouts of a Limo on your mini-map, so exit the Surveillance Room and follow the waypoint over to it. Here you’ll find the Limo either driving along the main road or parked up somewhere. Once you’ve found it, shoot the driver and pull him out, then press Right D-Pad to steal his wallet. Finally, return to your Agency and deliver the wallet to Franklin to bring the step in The High Society Leak to a close.

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