- Do not get detected by any elk

The trick to this, as Cletus explains, is to stay downwind of the elk so they cannot pick up your presence. Always keep an eye on the wind direction arrow. The wind will change direction so you must adjust your position accordingly. The arrow will be green when you are sufficiently downwind of the elk but will change to red when the elk starts to sense you. This is your cue to move in another direction. Spend too long in the red and the elk will startle and run.

You must be patient and always move in stealth mode when an elk is nearby. Use bushes for cover when you can and take things slowly. There is no rush as the elks don’t disappear if you take too long. So plan your approach accordingly. Each elk you shoot will allow you to build up your skill anyway, so always read what the information on-screen tells you. The elk can also be hiding in hard-to-see places like thickets so don’t just blunder into one either!

Notice how the wind arrow has changed to red? If you stay too long in this position, you will spook the elk (left). Targeting the elk here will net you Heart Hunter (right).

Heart Hunter

- Kill 3 elk with a heart shot

You need to kill 3 out of the 4 elk with a heart shot. To do this, shoot the elk in the chest just below the neck. It is best to wait until the elk has lifted their head to look around. This gives you a clear view of the chest and can make aiming easier. Be quick though as they tend not to look around for long! Just be careful not to miss or you will fail the mission and remember to only shoot the bucks with antlers and not the does.

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