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Oppressor Mk2 Price & Upgrades

Shane Williams

List of Oppressor Mk2 Upgrades

Upgrade Price
Armor Upgrade 1-5 $1,000 - $50,000
Chaff $70,000
Flare $110,000
Engine Upgrade 1-4 $9,000 - $33,500
Xenon Lights $7,500
Livery’s $18,240 - $31,350
Explosive MG $275,000
Homing Missiles $180,000

Upgrading the Oppressor requires a Terrorbyte with a Specialised Workshop. After you own both, request your Terrorbyte via the Interaction Menu and then fly your Oppressor to the back door. Once you’re inside, make sure you purchase the Chaff, as it’ll prevent other players from blowing you up with homing missiles or jets.

What is The Oppressor Mk2

The Oppressor MK II was released July 14th, 2018 as is an upgraded version of the Oppressor MK1. The Mk1 which will cost $3,524,500 is more of a generic motorcycle as you can only glide with it rather than fly due there being no rocket.

This Vehicle will set you back $3,890,250 or $2,925,000 if you have completed 5 jobs as a VIP, CEO or MC President and own a Terrorbyte. Although this vehicle is an expensive purchase, most people would agree it’s one of the most fun to drive/fly in the game. If you find yourself in need of getting a lot money quickly, be sure to check out the How to Make Money Page for the fastest methods.

Due to it being able to fly at high speed, this vehicle is perfect for someone who is heavily invested in business, as you’ll be able to get to your business which are scattered around the map quickly due to having a top speed of 130mph when hovering. Although if you choose to take up higher, then the top speed will lower to around 90mph.

(1 of 2) This Bike can hover across the water

This Bike can hover across the water (left), and is great for getting out of places quickly. (right)

How To Use Oppressor Mk 2

Once you’re on the bike, move forwards by holding [RT/L2] or Backwards by holding [LT/L2]. If you stop mid air, the bike will just hover. The Bike comes packed with twin machine guns which can be used by pressing [LB/L1]. These will not lock on, so you’ll have to position your bike in the direction you want to shoot.

Like the Deluxo, the Oppressor can also fire lock-on missiles that instantly destroy most vehicles if you choose to upgrade to them. Finally, pressing [A/X] will activate the booster which will give you a bump up in speed. However, unlike the original Oppressor this won’t recharge on its own, so you’ll need to stop and wait for it to recharge.

The Oppressor Mk2 is great for missions/heists, such as The Doomsday Heist, as it’ll require you to travel from the top to the bottom of the map multiple times which will be a lot faster to do via flying then driving.


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