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Grand Theft Auto V


Claire Farnworth

HD Stunt Jump Video Guide

1. Paleto Bay

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Broken wooden bridge on Procopio Promenade On the north side of the broken bridge Any

A bike is pretty good here.

Make sure to build up a decent amount of speed before attempting this. If you use a bike, tilt the bike backwards at the last second so your front tire is pointing upwards because this will give you enough air to clear the bridge. Otherwise, you will probably smack into the cliff on the other side and not make it over. A car should clear it easily though don’t use a really heavy one because you’ll just tip off the edge.

2. Construction Jump

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Dirt mound in a Paleto Bay construction site. Alleyway An average speed vehicle

This is quite a small jump but watch out for the wall as you land!

Start from the entrance gate and put your foot down. Stay on the left side of the jump (you don’t need to be going that fast) and jump over the wall. Land on the other side of the wall but watch the small wall as you land. It’ll hurt unless you slam on the brakes.

3. El Gordo Lighthouse

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Shoreline cliff rock ramp El Gordo Lighthouse Island An average speed, relatively light vehicle. No bikes.

This jump can either be very simple or very difficult. You need a lot of luck here.

You may end up pulling your hair out trying to complete this jump. Do not try and use a motorcycle because the barriers before the jump will slow you down considerably and you will not make the jump. It is highly recommended you save before you try this jump because it may take you quite a few tries to complete.

Start your approach from the little bridge leading to the farm track. Build up as much speed as you can and make sure you keep slightly to the left. You can line up the left wing mirror so it’s touching the outline of the lighthouse. You can also aim straight for the lighthouse because as long as you land on the island, you will complete the jump. You can land inside the circle where the lighthouse itself is. That will also save you from going into the ocean. Do not use a super speedy vehicle or you’ll go sailing past the island.

4. Sandy Shores Motel

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Wood plank ramp West side of Sandy Shores Motel A fast bike

You will need a fair amount of speed for this.

Unless you have a highly modded sportsbike like the Pegassi Bati then you will want to start right at the bottom of the road leading straight up to the jump. The more acceleration you can get the better. Franklin’s personal bike will work if you fully mod it but you will need to get a nice run up.

As you approach the jump, hit it dead centre (by using Franklin’s special if you need to) and pull back on the control stick a little to tilt the bike’s back wheel down. This generates a little more air so you can clear the Motel. You need to sail straight over the Motel to the other side to complete the jump.

5. Sandy Shores Landing Strip

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Dirt hill Country landing strip Off-road vehicle like a Dune Buggy

Get a speedy Dune Buggy for this jump. A dirt bike works too.

If you turn up without a Dune Buggy, there is one at the top of the dirt track up the hill. Steal that because it’s perfect for this jump. An off-road vehicle makes this jump much easier because they grip so much better and you can gain a bit of speed.

Start the run at the top of the dirt track up the hill (near where the Dune Buggy is parked). Speed down the hill towards the large white boulders. You will hit the dirt ramp in front of them and you need to clear the boulders. With enough speed you’ll sail by. Make sure to control your balance in the air to make sure you land with enough wheels on the ground.

6. Prison Jump

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Hillside Inside Bolingbroke Penitentiary grounds A fast vehicle. Something with armour

Use a fast armoured vehicle for this jump.

The reason for the armour is because you will gain an automatic Wanted level upon landing inside the grounds. Police will shoot you and your vehicle so it helps if it’s fully armoured with bulletproof tires. If you’re on a bike, make sure you have some body armour to avoid the initial fire.

You’ll need a good run up for this jump because you’ll need to clear the outer perimeter road and land inside the grounds. Find the gates where you can smash down the fence to get out of the prison and then race off-road to lose the cops. The Dune Buggy is a good vehicle for this jump because you can escape easily in it.

7. Under The Overpass

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Dirt mound Dirt or Freeway under overpass Motorcycle or fast car

Get a decent run up to land underneath the overpass.

You can find this jump just off the top road. Get a good run up unless you have a very fast vehicle where you will not need a huge one. When you see a dirt path off to the left heading towards the overpass, veer off the road and hit the ramp here dead centre. If you end up tilting as you take off, slow the jump speed and adjust your vehicle so you can land nice and straight. Try and land in the area where the overpass casts its shadow.

8. Wind Farm

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Dead-end wind farm road Senora Freeway Dune Buggy

Watch out for the turbine near the jump. Stay to the left of it.

It is possible to hit the jump slightly off and it will send your vehicle into an awkward position. You’ll probably find yourself adjusting the vehicle in mid-air because of this.

Start your run as straight on to the jump as you can. You will need a fast buggy to be able to clear the railroad track and land on the freeway. Make sure to get some good acceleration and use Franklin’s special as you approach the jump to minimise the jolting impact that the jump creates.

9. Rockford Plaza

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Broken guardrail through Rockford Plaza San Vitus Boulevard Any

A bike is good for this jump because you can dodge traffic better.

Start off just before the intersection down the road from the Plaza. You may need Franklin’s special as you weave around the traffic and swerve up the left side of the Plaza entrance. Keep heading straght up the centre of the road and out over the gap. If you’re on a bike, tip the bike as normal to get a bit more air and length to the jump. Make sure to land on the road on the other side and watch out for cars as you land!

10. Del Perro Freeway Overpass

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Through a broken rail on Alta Street overpass La Puerta freeway Any

Don’t use a really heavy vehicle for this or you’ll tip forward and land on the bonnet.

Face west towards the broken rail. Back up so you get a decent run up and then drive through the gap. Land on the freeway without hitting any traffic on the way down. Slow down the jump if you need to avoid traffic.

11. Pillbox Overpass

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Overpass with broken guardrail San Andreas Avenue Motorbike

A bump in the road can cause four-wheeled vehicles to tip over and ruin the jump.

Drive in between the traffic cones and over the bump at the edge. If you have a fast bike, just start a little down from the broken rail and speed through it. Take a bigger run up for a slower bike and just let the bike naturally balance in the air. Slow the jump as you near the ground to make sure you won’t hit any cars travelling on the road. As long as you get a good distance, the jump will be completed.

12. Pillbox Hill Stairs

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Broken stair rail Strawberry Avenue Motorbike

Only a bike can fit through this very small gap.

Start across the street opposite the stairwell and speed towards the gap at the top. Use Franklin’s special if you need help lining it up correctly. Aim for the middle because there is a large palm tree near the landing point. You’ll want to land just past there to successfully complete the jump. If you crash into it, you’ll fail.

13. Freeway to Drain

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Metal road plank Los Santos flood control drain Motorbike

You must get the angle just right for this jump.

The angle at which you approach this jump makes it a bit awkward without Franklin’s special, especially if you use a bike. A bike however, can be easily controlled in the air and the landing must be correct to complete it. Start down the hill down the road and head up towards the drain. When you see the ramp, swerve to the right and head up the right edge. Land on the flat edge at the side of the water (not in the water) to complete it.

14. Through Parking Garage

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Parking garage ramp off Elgin Avenue Power Street Motorcycle or fast car

Head through the right entrance of the parking garage and up the ramp.

There is a small parking lot across the road from the garage. Start your run from there and speed across the road. You will need good acceleration so make sure you are using a fast vehicle. Pass through the right side of the garage and up and over the ramp. To complete the jump, you must clear the small fence on the edge of Power Street. As soon as you land, you’ll want to brake because there is a nice billboard ready to have you smack into it.

15. Boat Shop Sprunk Ramp

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Mission Row Sprunk ramp at Get Aweigh watersports store Olympic Freeway Motorbike

You can’t miss this jump ramp.

Motorbikes shouldn’t have too much trouble completing this jump. You need plenty of lift so don’t try and use heavy vehicles or you won’t make it. Start down the road from the ramp and speed towards it. Use Franklin’s ability to swerve into the parking lot and straight up the middle of the ramp. Aim for the broken rail to get on the freeway while avoiding vehicles as you land. If you hit any, you’ll fail.

16. Multi-Story Garage Jump

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Plywood ramp Capital Boulevard Sports car or motorbike

You will need a vehicle with good acceleration for this jump.

Back up as far as you can on the opposite side of the lot. Accelerate as much as you can towards the wooden ramp and land on the sidewalk or on the road to complete the jump.

17. South Los Santos Garage Jump

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Garage rooftop plywood ramp Innocence Boulevard Any

You don’t need a really fast vehicle but one with good acceleration will make things easier.

The parking lot is just behind the Towing Compound. Head to the roof and back up to the wall opposite the ramp. Head towards the ramp and hit it dead on. Fly over the Towing Impound lot and land on the road behind it. Slam on the brakes if you’re in a fast vehicle because you may hit the buildings across the street.

18. El Burro Scrapyard

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Sheet metal ramp On next dirt road near oil drill Any though a Dune Buggy is good.

You will need quite a bit of speed for this jump so a souped up Dune Buggy helps or a fast bike.

Start quite far into the Scrapyard because you’ll need a bit of a run up. Zoom out of it and towards the big metal ramp. Hit the ramp on the right side and make sure you get enough distance to land at least just pass the telephone pole.

19. Elysian Rock Pile Jump

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Rock pile Chum Street Any

You must hit this jump at the apex of the pile to get enough elevation.

Be careful with this jump while on a bike because if you hit the pile at the wrong point, you will be flipped awkwardly and mess up the jump. Start from the parking lot opposite the pile. Gain a good bit of speed and hit the pile at its apex to get the elevation needed to land on Chum Street Bridge.

20. Terminal Jump

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Concrete slab Elysian Island Any

Make sure if using a bike to tilt it enough so you don’t crash into the other side.

Go to the opposite side of the docks to make your run. You will need quite a bit of speed for this. Drive toward the big slab and sail over the canal. You will need to cross the divider, the freeway and land on the train tracks.

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