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Grand Theft Auto V


Claire Farnworth

There are three races to complete, each one bigger than the last. You must place third or higher to unlock the next race and count it as completed. It helps enormously if you have a full stamina stat because your stamina will never be depleted no matter how much you keep pushing. If you do not, your stamina will gradually decrease as you sprint so you must make sure to maintain a good pace while also keeping your stamina up. You will regain half a bar after each section of the race.

Vespucci Triathlon

This race eases you in to the mechanics of the triathlon. It is a nice and short race so you won’t have to worry about finger cramp…yet.

If you have chosen a character with a full stamina stat, you can keep mashing the sprint button the whole race. Everyone else should focus on just staying with the pack during the swimming section. If you really want to be out in front then you can swim underwater to avoid the waves on the surface and get ahead of the competition.

You do not need to go flat out to be in first place during this section. The swimming part is very small anyway (left). You can really cut corners and still hit the checkpoints so always bear that in mind (right).

Follow the checkpoints until you get to the beach. Sprint as fast as you can to the bikes (the blue blip on the radar). Choose the first one you see because it doesn’t matter which bike you use. You can get the jump on your rivals during this section so get on a bike and pick up speed by tapping the sprint button.

You must stay on the path around the beach area or you will be going really slow. There aren’t many chances to cut corners during this part so just focus on sprinting like mad to get as far ahead as possible. This is your chance to really go for broke. Be cautious around bends because it is easy to go flying off the pavement or crash into pedestrians.

When you see the checkered flag, jump off the bike and run towards the first checkpoint. Check the radar so you can always plan ahead. You will not be penalised by cutting corners so as long as you hit each checkpoint; take all the shortcuts you can. Cut across sidewalks, corners, anything you want. The other runners tend to stick to the path albeit they take a tight line.

Sprint all the way because you have plenty of opportunity to take the lead if you aren’t already.

Alamo Sea Triathlon

This race isn’t too long either thankfully so you won’t have to worry too much about finger cramp here! The swimming section is a little longer than the last race but nothing to worry about. You will find this race in Grapeseed.

As with the other races, don’t go mad during the swimming section because it is not necessary. Keep it steady and yourself within contention but do not eat into your stamina too much. Again, you can swim underwater on the final stretch to give yourself a little nudge toward the finish.

Swimming underwater has the added benefit of avoiding surface drag so you can gain on your opponents (left). Take a very tight line to the left of this telephone pole to shave off a few more seconds (right).

The cycling section takes up the biggest chunk of the race like always so you need to really push to get ahead. There are plenty of opportunities to cut corners as well giving you a further advantage. With a full stamina stat you don’t even really need to do that as long as you keep pounding that sprint button.

Take a nice shortcut at checkpoint 3 and take a tight line next to the telephone pole at checkpoint 4. Checkpoint 5 and 6 offer further chances to cut corners, and the same is true for the remainder of this section.

The foot race is just a matter of mashing sprint to the finish. You can take tight lines at the checkpoints but as long as you are in the lead, you will not have a problem winning.

Coyote Cross Country Triathlon

This race is absolutely huge and encompasses a massive swim around the Alamo Sea followed by a lengthy bike ride down through the countryside and then almost the entire length of the city. Finally, a long run to the Kortz Center tops off what is a monumental challenge.

The race takes around half an hour so make sure you set enough time aside. You can pause the game to give yourself a rest because you will need one unless you have fingers of steel. Or you’re a cyborg…

Annoyingly, if you do not place third or higher, you will have to complete it again to make it count towards the 100%. So make sure you go into this race with a full stamina stat.

The competitors in this race are pretty elite and will push you all the way so you need to be on your game and also take advantage of a few things to maximise the potential of winning. During the swimming, stay with the field. You can duck underwater to get ahead by avoiding the waves on the surface but your competition will soon catch up to you when you need to surface for air anyway. Do this when you are near the beach at the end to get in front.

Being in the lead coming out of the water is essential to maintaining a good lead and will save you a lot of time later. Use the underwater trick (left). You can jump the barrier here to save a lot of time. But you must be accurate or it could cost you the race (right).

The cycling is the meat of the race and also where you can try and get in front and stay in front. However, sometimes your rivals can get a burst of speed from nowhere (usually by hiding in your slipstream and swinging out in front of you) and can race past you catching you unawares. Do your best to force them out of your slipstream by swerving from side to side. Of course, you can sneak into theirs if they do get ahead.

There are a few areas where you can cut corners so make use of those. You can also bunny hop a barrier around checkpoint 15 with the right timing. If that fails just pop a wheelie and you can normally get over it. The disadvantage if you fail is you waste a lot more time and it can cost you the race so only use that if you are well practiced.

At the Maze Bank Arena you can cut across a dirt path and really make some headway. There are a couple more corners to cut along the way towards Vespucci Beach. Once you arrive there, cut across the grass and dodge the crowd to the next checkpoint. Finally, there are a couple more opportunities to cut across the sidewalk on the way to the end of the cycling section.

Hopefully by this point you’ll be in first place, giving you a good chance of winning the race. There aren’t really any shortcuts in the running section either so it is imperative you are first when you begin this portion of the race.

If you need a rest, do so before you start running because you’ll need all the sprinting power you can muster to win the race. With a strong character, you can do the race in about 28 minutes or thereabouts.

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