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How To Complete The High Society Leak in the Contract DLC

Shane Williams

This page is a walkthrough for The Contract DLC Mission, The High Society Leak in the Contract DLC. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to increasing the intimidation bar and finding the Phone.

The Billionaire attempts to flee in a helicopter.

Recover The Copy Dr. Dre’s stolen music from the Richman mansion

How To Start The High Society Leak Mission in GTA Online

Once you’ve completed both The Country Club and Guest List under The High Society Leak VIP Contract, return to your computer at your agency and accept the High Society Leak to begin. However, before you do, make sure you stock up on Sticky Bombs, RPG Ammo, Homing Rocket Launcher Ammo and Snacks.

Where To Find The Source Of Dr Dre’s Music in The High Society Leak Mission in GTA Online

Exit your Agency and follow the waypoint over to the Billionaire’s Mansion in Richman, then approach the gate and press Right D-Pad to open it. Drive over to where the crowd is gathered and you’ll find the DJ sitting in the center of the area. Wait for Franklin and Imani to give you the go ahead to destroy the set, then you’ll see an Intimidation Bar at the bottom right of the screen.

(1 of 2) You can find the source of the music in the center of the area

You can find the source of the music in the center of the area (left), then clear out all the guards to raise the intimidation bar. (right)

Here you’ll need to increase it which is done by taking out the vehicles/guards. To begin, find some cover and begin taking out the guards, then use an RPG along with the Detonation Contact in your phone to blow up your car along with all the nearby super cars which will increase the intimidation by a large amount. Once you’ve filled the bar, the billionaire will attempt to flee in a helicopter, so shoot the panel on the bottom right off the gate to open it.

How To Destroy The Billionaire’s Helicopter in The High Society Leak Mission in GTA Online

Steal a random vehicle and chase down the helicopter whilst taking out any enemies along the way with Sticky Bombs, then eventually the helicopter will land on a Yacht. Take the nearby Jetski and race onto it, then clear out all the guards like you did in The Marina Mission. Take out the Billionaire who can be found taking cover by a Helipad at the front of the Yacht, then pickup the Phone and use the Jet Ski to return to land.

(1 of 3) Chase down the Helicopter until you reach the Billionaires Yacht

Finally, you’ll need to return to your Agency, but be aware as you’ll have a lot of military on your tail, so make sure you keep topping up your health with snacks until you reach it. The High Society Leak portion of The Contract DLC will come to a close upon delivering the phone.


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