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Top 5 Easter Eggs and Secrets

Claire Farnworth

1. Aliens and the Secrets of Mount Chiliad

If you jump on the cable-car to the summit of Mount Chiliad (or fly and parachute out), you will notice a large mural on the wall. It is a map of sorts and there has been a lot of speculation as to what it all means. Some people think it unlocks a flying UFO to use or CJ’s (San Andreas protagonist) jetpack.

By combining the map of San Andreas and this one, it has been determined that it depicts UFO locations though not all have been discovered yet.

The hippy camp near Sandy Shores has alien symbols all around it. Speculation says that it is some kind of code that can be deciphered but there is no concrete evidence yet.

If you go to the highest point on Mt Chiliad, near the lookout point, you will find a symbol underneath the platform there signifying an alien sighting. Around the back, text reads “Come back when your story is complete.” You need 100% completion and to come back at night at 3am during a thunderstorm to find this sighting. It is easiest to use a cheat to get thundery weather rather than hoping and waiting as that takes an age.

There is a crashed flying saucer in the ocean in a large cleft just off the north shore of San Andreas.

A second flying saucer is concealed in the air high above Fort Zancudo. The saucer is only visible with 100% completion.

A third flying saucer is hiding high in the air above the Sandy Shores hippie UFO shrine.

There are glyphs scattered around San Andreas and there are numerous references to aliens during missions as well.

2. The LOST Hatch

For anyone familiar with the TV series “LOST”, you will instantly get this reference. The Hatch is located deep beneath the ocean, east of Sandy Shores. You will need Scuba gear for this or the submersible.

If you get too near the Hatch, you will be killed instantly but you can observe from a safe distance.

3. The Ghost of Mt Gordo

If you go north of the Lighthouse between the hours of 23:00 and 00:00 you will see the ghostly apparition of a woman. She will disappear if you approach her, leaving a name “Jock” written in blood next to where she was. This is tied to the Letter Scrap quest so keep an eye out for the reference.

You can only see her through a Sniper Rifle scope so make sure you use one. You need to look for three coloured lights that materialise in the air. When you look at them long enough, she will eventually appear.

4. Bigfoot

During the mission “Predator”, you can use the thermal scope on the Sniper Rifle to find the thermal signature of Bigfoot hiding in the trees. You must be quick or he will disappear before you see him.

After you have completed the game 100%, you will gain access to a mission where you can track Bigfoot down!

5. The Vinewood Zombie

Go to Vinewood Hills near the cinema to find this friendly zombie. He has much to tell you!


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