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Grand Theft Auto V

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First Dose 3 - Fatal Incursion

Shane Williams

This page is a walkthrough for the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC mission, Fatal Incursion. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to destroying The Lost’s Property and finding the Losts Meth.

You can start the Fatal Incursion Mission from the Abandoned Warehouse.

So, those plans you sent left me with some real deep inspiration, I mean, I’m talking a serious strategy hard-on. We’re gonna hit those peddlers where it hurts. Smack em right in the distribution. BUDONKADONK!!

How To Start and Complete Fatal Incursion

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In order to start the Fatal Incursion Mission which is the third mission in the First Dose portion of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC you’ll need to complete both First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Troupe and First Dose 2 - Designated Driver. Once you’ve completed it drive over to the abandoned warehouse and you’ll see a yellow circle. Enter it and press up on the D-Pad to begin!

How To Destroy The Lost’s Property

Once you regain control of your character, take your vehicle or any nearby vehicle and follow the way point over to Stab City. As you close in you’ll see a Property Bar at the bottom right of the screen and this will increase as you deal more damage to the area. The best to do this is to remain in your vehicles and race around the loop whilst throwing Sticky Bombs onto as many Petrol Tankers, Motorcycles and Vans as possible

(1 of 2) Plant Sticky Bombs to blow up the Losts Property

Plant Sticky Bombs to blow up the Losts Property (left), then defeat the enemies until the objective changes. (right)

However, if your health starts to deplete quickly, then escape and wait for it to recover. After you’ve finished planting the bombs, detonate them to see how much damage you’ve done, then you want to continue on foot. Here you’ll want to stick to the outer edge of the area and pick of any of the enemies, then once you’ve dealt with the majority of them, get into cover and continue to destroy more Vans and Motorcycles until the bar is filled.

Where To Find All 10 Bags of The Lost’s Meth

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Lost MC Property your objective will change to “Go to Millar’s Fishery”. Here you’ll have more of the Lost MC shooting at you and you’ll need to collect 10 bags of the Lost’s Meth. The Lost’s Meth can be found in groups of 2 in the following locations: Long Building on the right side of the area, Middle of the Area, Dock, Lab, Shelves next to the back left building.

(1 of 2) Find 10 Bags of Meth

Find 10 Bags of Meth (left), then use the Dodo to fly back to the Warehouse. (right)

Before you focus on finding the Meth you’ll want to stay in cover and pick off the majority of the enemies with your Assault Rifle or a Marksman Rifle. After you’ve successfully collected all 10 Bags of Meth, grab the Dodo which is parked up on the water and fly back to The Freakshop. Finally, land in the Storm Drain and the mission will come to a close.

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