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Claire Farnworth

36. La Puerta Slip

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Metal sheet ramp Next on-ramp Any

Make sure to hit this ramp at the right angle. High speed isn't needed.

Start at the top of the hill before the ramp. Drive down the road and hit the metal ramp just off to the side and stick to the left side. You’ll need to make it across the intersection and land on the on-ramp at the other side.

37. Little Seoul

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
A sand pile with a sheet metal ramp on it at the edge of La Puerta Freeway Right side of the on-ramp below Any

You will need Franklin's special to line this one up correctly.

You’ll need to start a fair way down the hill from the jump in an average vehicle. You will need enough speed however so a really slow vehicle will not work very well. Head up the ramp and then follow the angle of the ramp off the edge. Use Franklin’s special if you need it. You will need to jump far enough and be careful not to land on the guardrails or crash as you land.

38. Palomino Avenue

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Wood planks Palomino Avenue Any

Steer very straight through here without veering at all.

Head west and cross Dutch London Street, through some barricades and past a row of shops to the next barricade. Do not aim for the building ahead or you’ll smack right into it. Instead hit the ramp as straight on as you can. Land the jump on Palomino Avenue or just before it.

39. Parking Garage and Over Peaceful Street

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Parking garage rooftop collapsed billboard Alta Street business courtyard A fast one

You will need a vehicle with very good speed and acceleration for this jump.

Head up to the top of the parking garage and back up as far away from the ramp as possible. Activate Franklin’s special for an extra burst of speed and hit the ramp straight in the middle. You will need to clear the building below and land in the courtyard in front of it. Find a vehicle which is capable of getting up to a fast speed in a short space.

40. Across Freeway

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Wooden ramp Opposite side of Del Perro Freeway Any

You do not need a lot of speed to complete this jump or a fancy car.

Face north under the La Puerta Freeway and speed towards the Del Perro Freeway. Hit the wooden ramp here and jump clear to the other side of the freeway. As always, do not hit traffic as you land.

41. Pagoda

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Pagoda Rockford Drive Any

One of the more aestherically pleasing jumps.

You cannot miss this jump as the Pagoda is a pretty obvious structure. The ramp on the west side is where you need to drive up and over so begin your run a street away. You don’t need a superfast vehicle here so only use Franklin’s special to correct your aim. Hit the ramp straight and land the jump on the next street. Avoid the street light on the way down!

42. Equality Way

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Red Desert Avenue overpass jump On Great Ocean Highway Racing bike or sports car

You need a fast vehicle here and be able to achieve a distance of around 180 feet.

Start at the intersection down the road and head under the overpass. Swerve to the left through traffic cones and up the hill. Go over the edge and try and land the jump either side of the Highway. Avoid traffic and walls in general and you’ll be fine.

43. Rockford Hills Arcade

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Balcony Stairs/sidewalk Motorbike

You may have to avoid a few pedestrians for this jump.

Start up the road a way from the arcade. Rush through the arcade and hit the hump on the balcony inside and land near the stairs to the exit

44. Rockford Hills Subway

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Subway parking platform on-ramp Next sidewalk Racing motorbike

Use Franklin's special and favour the right side of this ramp.

Start as far away from the ramp as possible. Plan the route you want to take first. Lean forward as you accelerate and when you get near the platform, activate Franklin’s ability and steer up the right side. Jump over the whole parking lot, the posts and land on the sidewalk on the next street.

45. Golf Course

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Golf Course pedestrian bridge On opposite side of the bridge Any vehicle, particularly a golf cart.

A golf cart fits perfectly through the bridge on the other side.

By using a golf cart to complete this jump, you will not gain a Wanted level. If you use any other vehicle, you will gain one just for being on there. Acquire a golf cart and head to the bridge. Begin at the edge of the green opposite the bridge and drive up the bridge. Use Franklin’s special to line up with the other side of the bridge. Watch the cart doesn’t hit the frame on the other side or it’ll spoil the jump.

46. The Jetty

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Second story glass rail of the Jetty garage Next to or in Xero gas station lot Sportsbike

This jump is a little awkward and you need enough speed for the barriers not to affect you.

This jump requires some tricky navigation so use Franklin’s driving ability to your benefit. Start up the road from the Jetty and head up the ramp to the parking garage. Crash through the barricades here and fly out the back of the garage. Land near the gas station lot or inside it.

47. Into Richman

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Richman sheet metal ramp Picture Perfect Way Any

This jump can be a nightmare to get right so be prepared for a few tries.

Go to the top of the hill up from the house where the jump is. Burn down it at speed and crash through the barriers and onto the jump. There are a number of obstacles to avoid on the way down, like trees, walls, houses and cars. You will need to land at the bottom of the cliff on the road there.

48. Vinewood Hills

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Dirt ramp jump over two lane road Wide ditch on other side of road Any

You do not need a lot of speed as the hill you start from will gain you enough.

Start up the steep hill behind the ramp. Speed towards it and hit the ramp at the bottom. You must clear the whole road and land on the other side.

49. Raton Pass

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Rock ramp on dirt road in Raton Canyon Over the ravine on Raton Pass An off-road one

It's good to have a buggy or dirt bike for this jump because they do not skid in the dirt.

Head west on Raton Pass and use the big rock ramp off to the right. Clear the whole ravine and land on the other side.

50. North Calafia Way

Stunt Jump Landing Zone Suggested Vehicle
Smooth rock ramp on south side of North Calafia Way Continuing on North Calafia Way bypassing small curve in road Any

This is a nice easy jump.

There’s a flat rock ramp off the left side of the pass. Start a little way away and hit the ramp straight. You must clear the ravine and land clear on the other side where the road continues.

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