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Grand Theft Auto V

Heavy Challenges

Claire Farnworth


Medals Targets Time Limit
Bronze: 10,000 No Limit 35 seconds
Silver: 25,000
Gold: 50,000

One row of targets that respawns. Continuous hits increase your multiplier.

Keep sweeping back and forth with the minigun to keep the bonuses stacking up.

Here is where the fun really starts. You will be using a minigun for the next challenges and it has 9999 bullets so feel free to really unleash in this one.

There are five targets that drop at long range and your task is to continually sweep the targets without missing to get bonus points. To really stack the points and multiplier, do not focus fire on one target, instead sweep horizontally across the yellow centres of the targets back and forth in one continuous fire. If you successfully sweep across three or more targets you can earn 300 points per round hit!


Medals Targets Time Limit
Bronze: 15,000 47 33 seconds
Silver: 30,000
Gold: 45,000

Targets exit after multiple hits. Continuous hits increase your multiplier.

With this challenge, sweep the minigun in bursts across each set of targets. Stop firing after the last one has gone.

Always get the minigun spinning and fired up before the timer goes out so you can instantly start firing. Be very careful between sets of targets not to keep spraying bullets or you will lose the bonus points and it will be hard to get Gold otherwise.

There will be two sets of four targets that drop down in a row behind each other. Keep firing at the targets until the final one exits and then stop firing. Keep the gun spinning though. The next set of four will appear so do the same thing again. Further sets will keep appearing at different points so be on the ball. Adjust your position a little with each set so you won’t fire into any gaps.

Eventually there will be three sets of four that drop down together where you can really stack that bonus. Spray the first set in front of you and then move to the left for each stack. Finally, five targets will drop together spread across the range so just spray bullets from side-to-side into the targets until the time runs out.


Medals Targets Time Limit
Bronze: 20,000 Infinite 39 seconds
Silver: 40,000
Gold: 70,000

Infinite respawning targets. Targets exit after multiple hits. Continuous hits increase your multiplier.

Go all out for this challenge. You will need to sweep vertically as well as horizontally because the targets are at different heights. But they will just keep coming and coming so just let loose!

This is one of the easier challenges and is just good fun. All you need to do is sweep across the targets right to left and left to right the whole way through. You will then get a continuous stream of bonus points allowing you to get that Gold with ease. It is hard to mess up unless you keep hitting the edges of the target areas so try to keep it in the middle.

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