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Grand Theft Auto V

Grass Roots - Franklin

Claire Farnworth
Playable Character’s Prerequisite
Franklin Three’s Company

Franklin is required to do two mini missions for Barry instead of just one and it does not require you to undergo anymore creepy hallucinations either.

Quick Mission Guide (Grass Roots - The Pickup)

Follow these steps to complete the mission successfully without worrying about medal requirements. If you need help with the Gold Medal, check here.

  1. Once you’ve completed Three’s Company , meet Barry outside of the ranch store which is located along Sinner Street to begin this mission.
  2. Collect the Supplies - Leave the area and wait for a text from Barry, then go to the two location marked on your map and collect the truck.
  3. Deliver the Supplies - Now make use of Franklin’s Special and race to Vespucci Beach to deliver the supplies within 3 minutes to complete the mission.

Gold Medal Requirements (Grass Roots - The Pickup)

  1. Mission Time - Complete within 02:45.
  2. Unwanted Outcome - Complete without gaining a wanted level.

Mission Time

The timer will start after calling Barry. You must get to your destination fast if you want to you complete this task. Use Franklin’s special and avoid crashing at all costs! The on-screen timer will give you a rough idea of how well you’re doing for time so keep an eye on that. The time is very reasonable so do not worry too much.

Unwanted Outcome

If you simply follow the yellow route on the minimap, you will gain a wanted level immediately as the cops are lurking around the corner. To avoid them, turn right out of the yard, head towards the LS river and drive through the barriers there and into the river. Drive along a short way and then double back once you see the wall end. Come back out onto the road and just follow the yellow marker to the drop-off point. Easy!

(1 of 2) Use Franklin’s special to boost your speed and cut the time down dramatically

Use Franklin’s special to boost your speed and cut the time down dramatically (left), then use the tow truck which is hiding around the corner to pull the broken down car to barry’s apartment. (right)

Quick Mission Guide (Grass Roots - The Drag)

  1. Once you’ve completed Grass Roots - The Pickup, head to car which is stored in La Puerta to begin the mission.
  2. Find a Tow Truck - Unfortunately, the car doesn’t work, so grab the Tow Truck that’s sitting around the corner and hook up the car.
  3. Deliver the Supplies - Finally, take the supplies to Barry’s Apartment to complete the mission.

Gold Medal Requirements (Grass Roots - The Drag)

  1. Mission Time - Complete within 01:30.
  2. Hooked - Keep the stash car hooked until delivery

Mission Time

To minimise the time for this mission, you can find the tow truck past the tank at the back of the yard. Hop in it and quickly hook up the car and then drive quickly to your destination. As always, make use of Franklin’s special to avoid crashing.


As always, Franklin’s special makes this a lot easier. You can avoid crashes and get around tight turns by using quick bursts of the power. Drive quickly but carefully and you will complete this task with ease.

The Smoke In

Approach the marker and Franklin will phone Barry. After the conversation, simply leave the area to complete the mission. You will not get a mission complete screen so don’t think your game is glitched.

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