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Grand Theft Auto V

All 15 Knife Flights

Claire Farnworth

Knife flights can be difficult to pull off but if you have been to flight school you should be well euipped to complete them. The easiest plane to use is the Mallard (stunt plane) because it’s controls are more forgiving. A slow plane is better because the fighter jet needs a lot more room and it flies so fast that if you make minor adjustments, it can be game over.

You only need to complete 8 of the 15 to make it count towards 100% completion. However, if you want the “Close Shave” achievement/trophy, you will need to complete them all.

Flight 1

This is the first of two knife flights in the same vicinity.

  • Schlongberg Sachs building and south tower, West Vinewood

The Schlongberg Sachs building sits in the middle of the two knife flights. This one is on the north side of it and between it and another tall high-rise. Approach from either direction. The gap is fairly wide so you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Flight 2

This is the second of the knife flights around the Schlongberg Sachs building.

- Schlongberg Sachs building and north tower, West Vinewood

This is on the south side of the Schlongberg Sachs building and between it and the blue tower. The gap is similar to the first knife flight and you can again approach from the west or east.

Flight 3

This one is between two hotels.

- Beach Hotel, Pacific Bluffs

Perform a knife flight between these massive hotels. The gap is pretty large and there are no other obstacles in the way.

Flight 4

You can knock out two knifes in one pass here.

- Crastenburg Hotel and Lombank, Del Perro

You will need to do a left knife here if you want to complete the next knife in the same pass. Approach from the north heading south and knife between the Crastenburg and LomBank buildings. Follow the alley round to the left and then perform a right knife between the big white corner building and the dark-coloured building to knockout two knife flights in one.

Flight 5

Following on from knife flight 4, this can be done in the same pass.

- Corporate Office Buildings, Del Perro

After completing knife flight 4, turn left towards the big white corner building and then knife between it and the dark building on the right. Perform a right knife so you can swing the plane between the two. It is harder to do than if you perform it singularly so if you are struggling to complete two at once, just try them separately.

Flight 6

Fly between the two large skyscrapers.

- Richards Majestic and adjacent skyscraper, Rockford Hills

This gap is huge so you shouldn’t have too many problems knifing through it. It is pretty much a straight line through and out so just keep it steady.

Flight 7

Fly between the two identical LomBank buildings.

- Lombank, Little Seoul

Start from the south and head north through the buildings for the best approach. If you fly in from the north, there is a building at the exit point that could cause some problems.

Flight 8

You’ll have to fly over a few buildings on your approach so be careful.

- Whirligig Theatre and Vinewood Videos, Vinewood

Approach from the north over the Chinese theater because the south will have you flying perilously close to the Chinese theater and make it difficult to exit.

Flight 9

This is the first of a possible three knife flights that can be completed in one pass.

- IAA Twin Towers, Pillbox Hill

Make sure to fly in from the northeast heading southwest. A left knife flight is the easiest direction, especially if you want to take out the following two in the same run. The space is surprisingly tight so keep it steady.

Flight 10 - Multi-story Parking Garage buildings, Pillbox Hill

Pass through the IAA buildings and keep going on the same trajectory, past the Maze Bank and Union Depository and between the Multi-story garages for this knife. Stay on the same trajectory for the next knife flight.

Flight 11

You will need to be flying low for this knife to count, so if you have completed the other two knife flights beforehand, lose altitude.

- Multi-story Parking Garage with stunt jump, Pillbox Hill

You will practically need to skim the lowest building with your wing to make it count. Fly above the parking garage where you can do a stunt jump and between the two connecting buildings to complete this very long knife.

Flight 12

This is another multi-knife pass.

- Slaughter, Slaughter and Schlongberg Sachs, Pillbox Hill

If you knife between these two buildings, continue on between the following two buildings to complete the next knife. It is nice and straight so just keep it straight and steady.

Flight 13

Continue on from the last knife flight to take out this one too.

- Go Postal and Multi-story Parking garage, Pillbox Hill

Maintain the knife from the last one and fly nice and straight through these buildings.

Flight 14

This gap is incredibly narrow so be very cautious.

- The Vinewood Gardens Hotel and Galileo Hotel, Hawick

Start from the south heading north and fly between the extremely narrow gap. You will need a lot of rudder control here to keep you from crashing.

Flight 15

After the last knife flight, this one is pretty easy. A nice wide gap.

- ULSA Annex Parking Garage and adjacent Apartment building, Rockford Hills

Come in from the south to the north on account of the tall building to the north. Fly between the apartment complex and the parking garage but quickly level the plane so you can gain altitude to avoid that tall building.

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