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How to Complete The Doomsday Scenario

Shane Williams

This page is a walkthrough for The Doomsday Scenario Finale. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to successfully hacking the servers and taking down Avon.

Overview of The Doomsday Scenario mission.

A Missile Launch Base has fallen into the wrong hands. Storm the base, clear it out. stop the warhead from launching, and save the day!

Get into the Barrage or the Khanjali / Destroy the supplies

Once you’ve started up the mission, take any car and drive to Grapeseed. Here you’ll have an option to take either the Barrage or the Khanjali. If you take the Khanjali, then you’ll only get a bonus 50k at the end of the heist, but if you take the Barrage you’ll get 100k.

(1 of 3) Drive to this location on your map and choose either the Khanjali or Barrage

After you’ve chosen your vehicle, drive to the tunnel entrance which is marked on your map, then race to the end of the tunnel whilst dodging any enemies attempting to block your path. Upon reaching the end of the path, you’ll find three Juggernauts waiting, get into cover and aim for the head with the Combat MG to take them down.

Head deeper into the tunnel and you’ll need to destroy a total of five crates containing supplies. Split the party up and take a separate path to get this process done quicker.

Go to the Control Center / Go to the Servers

Once you’ve taken out all the enemies and supplies, go into the large open room and take the right path towards the Control Tower. Take cover as you’ll have three more Juggernauts to take down, but make sure you don’t stay out of cover for too long, as they will drain your health quickly.

Push onwards to the Control Tower and you’ll start a short cutscene. After the scene has come to a close, proceed through the door into the Control Center and take out the enemies on the first floor before going up to the second. Here you’ll need to hack four servers which are located in each corner of the second floor.

(1 of 3) Watch out for the Juggernauts on your way to the Control Tower.

Go over to a server and interact with it whilst your teammate works on taking out the enemies. To complete the hack you’ll need to collect the Packets by aiming the beam at the blue circles, but you have to avoid destroying the Firewalls which are the red squares.

In order to reach all the packets, you’ll need to rotate the nodes to direct the beam to the mirrors placed in the corners to reach the other nodes which can be used to take out the remaining packets.

Take out Avon’s Goons / Destroy Mobile Cloud Servers

Once you’ve hacked all four servers, clear out the remaining enemies, then go up to the top floor and interact with the Orbital Cannon. Position the cannon over the trucks holding the drives and shoot them down by hold [R2/RT]. Now head to the silo which is marked on your map, but take it slowly as enemies will be waiting along the way.

(1 of 2) Defeat the enemies along the way to the silo

Defeat the enemies along the way to the silo (left), and then destroy Avon with the missiles on the jetpack. (right)

After you’ve reached the silo and watched the scene, follow Avon with the jetpack and shoot the helicopters before finally taking down Avon. Finally, travel to the Observatory to bring this heist to a close.


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