Vehicle Location
**Nagasaki Blazer** Find this all-terrain quad-bike on Sandy Shores or it can be purchased from via in-game internet access for 8,000.
**Unmarked Police Cruiser** Like all other military vehicles, the Police Cruiser cannot be purchased. You can steal one parked at the Metro Station in Strawberry underneath the Olympic Freeway. **Tip** : This car spawns only at night and that should come in handy for a stealth operation.
**Adder "Bugatti Veyron" lookalike** Find this super car at the parking area on Rockford Hills near the barber shop. **Tip:** It is down the road from the clothes store or can be purchased for 1,000,000 at via in-game smartphone internet access.
**Park Ranger SUV** Find this vehicle parked in a utility parking lot at Bolingbroke Penitentiary, behind the Vinewood sign. It cannot be purchased anywhere in the game.
**FIB SUV** FIB SUV will spawn at 10:00 AM everyday and can be found at Grand Senora Desert's Satellite Dishes. **Tip** : It should be parked right behind the Buffalo and cannot be purchased.
**Sandking** You will find this off-road truck on Vespucci Beach. It can also be purchased for 45,000.
Vehicle Location
**Space Docker** Make sure you have collected all the 50 Spaceship parts when you play as Franklin, to unlock access to the Space Docker. It can be found in east Sandy Shores.
**FIB Buffalo** It will be parked exactly at the same location as the FIB SUV and spawns around 10:00 AM once a day. You can only steal it, as it is unavailable for purchase.
**Tractor Utility** You may stumble upon this utility vehicle near the Light House. **Tip** : Find the vehicle parked in front of a house near a small tree.
**Zodiak Submarine** The submarine will be accessible for free when you buy the Sonar Collections Dock for 250,000. It should come in handy to find certain collectibles such as nuclear waste.
**Z-Type** Buy this expensive car for a staggering 10,000,000 from It is not available anywhere else in the game.
**P-996 Lazer** This fighter jet cannot be purchased from any website. It can be stolen from Fort Zancudo and you will need a private hangar to store it.
**Nagasaki Dinghy** The Dinghy will be at your disposal (free) when you accept a side-mission/quest, after purchasing the Sonar Collection Docks for 250,000.

Purchasable Vehicles - Boats

Vehicle Website Price
**Dinka Marquis** 413,990
**Shitzu Jetmax** As above 299,000
**Shitzu Squalo** As above 196,621
**Shitzu Tropic** As above 22,000
**Speedophile Seashark** As above 16,899


Vehicle Website Price
**Karin Dilettante** 25,000
**Weeny Issi** As above 18,000
**Dewbauchee Exemplar** As above 205,000
**Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio** As above 185,000
**Lampadati Felon** As above 100,000
**Ubermacht Zion** As above 50,000


Vehicle Website Price
**BMX** 500
**Cruiser** As above 3,000
**Endurex Race Bike** As above 2,500
**Scorcher** As above 1,000
**Tri-Cycles Race Bike** As above 2,500
**Whippet Race Bike** As above 2,500


Vehicle Website Price
**Buzzard Attack Chopper** 2,000,000
**Cargobob** As above 2,200,000
**Frogger** 1,300,000
**Maverick** As above 780,000


Vehicles Website Price
**Barracks** 450,000
**Canis Crusader** As above 225,000
**Rhino Tank** As above 3,000,000


Vehicle Website Price
**Dinka Akuma** 9,000
**Maibatsu Sanchez** As above 7,000
**Pegassi Bati 801** As above 10,000
**Pegassi Faggio** As above 5,000
**Pegassi Ruffian** As above 10,000
**Shitzu PCJ 600** As above 9,000
**Shitzu Vader** As above 9,000

Muscle Cars

Vehicle Website Price
**Bravado Gauntlet** 32,000
**Declasse Vigero** As above 21,000


Vehicle Website Price
**BF Injection** 16,000
**Nagasaki Blazer** As above 8,000
**Vapid Sandking XL** As above 45,000


Vehicle Website Price
**Buckingham Luxor** 1,500,000
**Buckingham Shamal** As above 1,150,000
**Cuban 800** As above 240,000
**Duster** As above 275,000
**Mallard** As above 250,000


Vehicle Website Price
**Cheval Fugitive** 32,000


Vehicle Website Price
**Benefactor Feltzer** 145,000
**Benefactor Schwartzer** As above 80,000
**Benefactor Surano** As above 99,000
**Bravado Banshee** As above 90,000
**Enus Super Diamond** As above 250,000
**Obey 9F** As above 120,000
**Pfister Comet** As above 85,000
**Ubermacht Oracle 1** As above 80,000
**Ubermacht Oracle 2** As above 80,000

Sports Classic

Vehicle Website Price
**Dewbauchee JB 700** 475,000
**Grotti Stinger** As above 1,000,000
**Pegassi Monroe** As above 490,000
**Truffade Z-Type** As above 10,000,000


Vehicle Website Price
**Grotti Cheetah** 650,000
**Overflod Entity XF** As above 795,000
**Pegassi Infernus** 440,000
**Pegassi Vacca** 240,000
**Truffade Adder** As above 1,000,000


Vehicle Website Price
**Albany Cavalcade (classic version)** 70,000
**Gallivanter Baller (Version 2)** As above 98,000

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