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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

All Biology Midterm and Final Test Answers

Ben Chard

In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Naranja (Scarlet) and Uva (Violet) Academy play a large role in the region of Paldea. As part of being a student, you can take classes and this page will detail what all all test answers are for the Biology Subject.

Head to the front desk at the academy to begin taking Biology Classes.

You’ll take Biology with Mr. Jacq, and his lessons and tests will focus on topics such as how to improve the friendship of your Pokémon, information on breeding and evolution, and tips on how to catch Pokémon. More lessons will become available to you after you progress through the game and you can take each lesson consecutively.

Taking Classes all follow the same structure, you must first sit three lessons, all of which have a question to answer. Your choice here doesn’t impact your bond with your Teacher, but we’ve provided the correct answers regardless.

Following the first three lessons, you’ll take a Midterm which has four questions where you’ll need to get at least three correct answers to pass. You will then be able to take a further three lessons before the Final exam, which will complete the subject.

Pre-Midterm Biology Lesson Answers in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Lesson Question Answer
1 Where shouldn’t you have your Pokémon walk along with you? Inside Buildings
2 Something what Pokémon is born from? "Egg" iconEggs!
3 Another way to increase catch chance? Inflict the Pokémon with a status condition

Biology Midterm Test Answers in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Question Answer
What button would you use to let a Pokémon out of its ball so that it can walk with you? B) ZR Button
Combine one letter and one number below to correctly say when and where "Egg" iconEggs are found. A) During Picnics, 2) In your basket
Which of the following is an effective way to warm up "Egg" iconEggs? B) Walking around
What will NOT make Pokémon easier to catch? A) Giving them a Berry

Successfully passing the Midterm will award you with five "Exp. Candy S" iconExp. Candy S and unlock the next set of classes.

Biology focuses on topics directly related to Pokemon.

Pre-Final Biology Lesson Answers in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Lesson Question Answer
1 The button to cancel evolution? B Button!
2 The likelihood of finding a Shiny Pokémon? 1 in 4,000
3 What Pokémon? "Rotom" IconRotom

Biology Final Test Answers in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Question Answer
How many of the following four methods make it easier to catch a Pokémon? B) Two
True or false? You can get new Pokémon only by catching them yourself or trading with other Trainers. B) False
If a Pokémon is holding an "Everstone" iconEverstone, will using an item that induces Evolution, such as a "Fire Stone" iconFire Stone, cause it to evolve? B) No, it won’t
What is the probability of running into a Shiny Pokémon? B) 1 in 4,000
True or false? The Pokémon known as "Oricorio" IconOricorio has three forms. B) False

Successfully passing the Final exam will award you with five "Exp. Candy M" iconExp. Candy M and complete the subject. Remember you can speak with Mr. Jacq to show him your Pokédex, you will obtain the "Shiny Charm" iconShiny Charm if you manage to record all 400!

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