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Looking for the best Espathra Tera Raid build the internet can offer? Don’t worry, we’ve got trainers backs alongside how to catch your own "Psychic" iconPsychic Ostritch and peck opponents heads with our best Espathra Tera Raid build. Note, this build guide also works for a Espathra "Cinderace" IconCinderace build for when that 7 star raid returns.

Espathra In a Tera Raid Battle in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Best Espathra Tera Raid Build

The Best Espathra Tera raid build will serve trainers well as a Psychic Special Attacker/Supporter, especially for Cinderace The Unrivalled 7-Star Tera Raids starting 30th of December and ends on 1st of January 2023. It will also kick off from midnight on the 13th of January to the end of 15th of January 2023.

The point of this best Espathra Tera Raid build is to be versatile. We want trainers to go all in on Special attack whilst being able to pass on it’s gained stat boosts to its team. But first trainers will need to catch an Espathra of their very own.

cinderace The Unrivalled Appearing in 7-Star Tera Raid battles

How to Catch a Espathra

Espathra can be found in the following locations in the Paldea Region:

Location Map Link
The small grasslands off the snowscapes of Glaseado Mountain Map Link
The Northern-Most point of North Province (Area One) Map Link
The North-East area of the Asado Dessert Map Link
On the Eastern part of South Province (Area Six) Map Link
Area Zero before Research Station NO.3, 4 and Zero Base Map Link

Prefer to raise from scratch? Flitte evolves into Espathra at level 35 and is part of the Flying Egg Group although they usually appear in groups right next to Espathra in most areas. For those looking for a pre-packaged best Espathra Tera Raid build out of the gate, try looking for them in 6-Star Tera Raids (known as Black Crystal Tera Raids) for 6 perfect Individual Values. This means that this certain Espathra has the best possible stats for its breed, which can then be trained up further by boosting effort values. We would recommend maxing out Special Attack and Defense.

Espathra Cinderace Tera Build Information

Tera Nature EV Focus Ability Moveset Held Item
Psychic Modest Special Attack and Defense Opportunist "Calm Mind" iconCalm Mind, Lumina Crash, "Helping Hand" iconHelping Hand and "Reflect" iconReflect "Shell Bell" iconShell Bell

We’ve chosen the above largely based on facing Cinderace the Unrivaled, but this will be a great special attacker and buff support for any team facing a Pokémon with a weakness again special Psychic attacks. Using the Psychic Tera-Type will further boost this strategy, with it’s Modest nature boosting its Special Attack stat. As previously mentioned, trainers should focus on Special Attack and Defense when EV training Espathra. Finally, the "Shell Bell" iconShell Bell held item allows Espathra to heal 1/8 of its overall health everytime it attacks.

"Calm Mind" iconCalm Mind is a great move to raise a Pokémon Special Attack and Defense at once, with reflect doubling a users Defense stat when opponents use a physical move to attack. No doubt Cinderace the Unrivaled will be using physical moves, including it’s signature move Pyro Ball. All of these stat boosts can be passed on to other members of the Tera Raid team using "Helping Hand" iconHelping Hand if it looks like Espathra is in a spot of trouble. But the heavy hitter here is Espathra’s exclusive move, Lumina Crash, to deal Special Psychic damage. This will be further boosted when it Terastalizes and uses its Psychic Tera-Type.

It’s important to note that higher Tera Raid battles will likely reset a users stat boosts when they raise an energy shield, but this build gives trainers a solid chance to knock HP down before this happens. This then gives trainers more time to knock down energy shield HP and rebuild stats / pass them on in a tight spot.

With that said, you get the general idea of how to use an Espathra Tera Raid Build, and counter the likes of Cinderace with Espathra. Happy hunting.

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