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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

What are the Black Stakes?

Ben Chard

Due to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet being a true open world Pokémon experience, there is plenty to see and discover in the region of Paldea. This page will give you all the details about the ominous black stakes.

There are 32 Black Stakes located throughout Paldea.

Paldea is a vast region, and many things lie undiscovered until now. Across the four corners of the region, you’ll come across Black Stakes stuck into the ground in one of four colors; blue, green, orange, and purple.

When you first interact with one, you’ll be given a choice of whether you wish to pull these out of the ground or not. There is no reason not to pull these out as these are part of a longer quest.

What do the Black Stakes do?

So you’ve found some black stakes stuck all over Paldea and the next question that comes to mind is just what do they do? The answer is simple, each of the four sets of Black Stakes unseal a shrine that houses one of the four Ruin Legendary Pokémon, all of which are Level 60.

You may think that you’ll need to wait until the post-game before taking on this quest, but the good news is you can do all of this long before that. Provided you can survive the battle, you can use Poison-based moves to try and poison your foe, then launch Ultra Balls to collect them. Just be wary as they are Level 60 Pokémon, they won’t obey you until you have all of the Gym Badges from completing the Victory Road Storyline.

Unsealing the Shrines leads to battles against the Ruin Legendary Pokemon.

Black Stake Locations

As mentioned above, there are four sets of 8 Stakes to locate in the world, only then will you be able to unseal the shrines. You can find these stakes in any order; you’re not forced to do one or the other. Still, it’s probably in your best interest to tackle one at a time so you can remember how many you’ve pulled out for each respective shrine as the game never divulges information on that (or anything related to this quest).

Color General Location
Orange Stakes South Province Area Six and West Province Area One
Green Stakes West Province Area Two, Three, and Casseroya Lake
Blue Stakes North Province Area One, Two, and East Province Area Three
Purple Stakes South Province Area One and Area Three

This will get you started in your hunt for all of the ominous Black Stakes. If you wish to know the location of everyone one, check out our dedicated pages below:

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