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Pokémon Nature Chart (Scarlet & Violet)

Vincent Lau

A Pokémon Nature chart makes it easy for trainers to learn their statistical benefits and weaknesses. Knowing the right flavor or mint to give your Poké pals will affect their ability to win your battles and become the ultimate Pokémon master. With that said, here’s a closer look at some Pokemon Nature Charts in Scarlet & Violet, and everything else you need to know.

Pokémon Nature Chart: What are Natures?

Every Pokémon has a Nature, which reflects their personality. Natures are randomly assigned, with trainers being able to directly identify a Pokémon’s Nature by going to the 3rd tab of their status screen.

Natures also slightly influence a Pokémon’s stats. Depending on the Nature, one stat will be boosted by 10% and another stat will be decreased by 10%. Furthermore, a Pokémon’s Nature determines the flavor of sandwiches they like. Sounds a bit long winded right? Don’t worry, we’ve got charts for that.

Pokemon Nature Chart For Sandwiches

The following chart shows which stats are boosted or decreased for each Nature, as well as the liked and disliked flavors.

Nature chart for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Nature Chart For Mints

In order to change Natures and to boost these stats, you will need mints. There’s lots of mints, each with a different Nature. They can all be bought at the various Chansey Supply Store locations across Paldea for 20,000, so it’s not difficult to find them. They can also be found as hidden sparkling items throughout Paldea. Here are all the Pokemon Nature Mints trainers can get:

Some Natures cancel stats out and don’t actually make a difference to a Pokémons statistics like flavours mentioned above. Here’s a Pokémon Nature chart with every nature, corresponding mint and their effects on any given Pokémon:

The Gamer Guides Pokémon Nature Chart for Mints. Note that Serious Mint makes all stats grow at an equal rate.

Don’t worry if the above Pokémon Nature Chart doesn’t make much sense. We’ve done into a bit more detail into the table below:

Nature Mint Increased Stat Decreased Stat
Adamant "Adamant Mint" iconAdamant Mint Attack Defense
Bold "Bold Mint" iconBold Mint Defense Attack
Brave "Brave Mint" iconBrave Mint Attack Speed
Calm "Calm Mint" iconCalm Mint Sp. Def Attack
Careful "Careful Mint" iconCareful Mint Sp. Def Sp. Atk
Gentle "Gentle Mint" iconGentle Mint Sp. Def Defense
Hasty "Hasty Mint" iconHasty Mint Speed Speed
Impish "Impish Mint" iconImpish Mint Defense Sp. Atk
Jolly "Jolly Mint" iconJolly Mint Speed Sp. Atk
Lax "Lax Mint" iconLax Mint Defense Sp. Def
Lonely "Lonely Mint" iconLonely Mint Attack Defense
Mild "Mild Mint" iconMild Mint Sp. Atk Defense
Modest "Modest Mint" iconModest Mint Sp. Atk Attack
Naive "Naive Mint" iconNaive Mint Speed Sp. Def
Naughty "Naughty Mint" iconNaughty Mint Attack Sp. Def
Quiet "Quiet Mint" iconQuiet Mint Sp. Atk Speed
Rash "Rash Mint" iconRash Mint Sp. Atk Sp. Def
Relaxed "Relaxed Mint" iconRelaxed Mint Defense Speed
Sassy "Sassy Mint" iconSassy Mint Sp. Def Speed
Serious "Serious Mint" iconSerious Mint Evens Out All Stats Evens Out All Stats
Timid "Timid Mint" iconTimid Mint Speed Attack

How Important are Pokemon Natures in Scarlet & Violet?

If you’re checking your party now and disappointed at the random mishmash of Natures, don’t worry. Because you can easily beat the main story with sub-optimal Natures.

Still, when you’re competing against other human trainers or the tougher post-game battles or raids, having a beneficial Nature is one of the first things you should fix.

Although Natures only increase/decrease a stat by 10%, this is massive during serious battles. You’ll absolutely want Natures that boost your Pokémon’s key stats and ones that don’t lower them.

What is the Best Nature for a Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet?

When deciding what Nature is ideal for a Pokémon, first you should identify what their role is. For example, if your Pokémon is a physical powerhouse, you’ll probably want an Attack-boosting Nature such as Adamant. A Speed-boosting Nature could be useful as well, since Pokémon with higher Speed go first.

In most cases, avoid picking a Nature that doesn’t boost any stats, such as Hardy. You may think it’s smart to have no weaknesses, but in the dog eat dog world of Pokémon battling, having no strengths is a bad thing. If you want to use both Physical and Special moves, go for a Nature that lowers a Defense stat instead.

Likewise, whatever you do, don’t pick a Nature that covers for a weakness. The boost from a Nature is a 10% multiplier and multiplying a low stat is never as effective as multiplying a high stat. If a Pokémon has a low stat, you’ll just have to work around it or use a different Pokémon for the job.

How to Manipulate Natures in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Normally, Pokémon have random Natures, so you won’t be able to choose what you get. However, there are some ways to get the Nature that you want.

  1. When breeding Pokémon, if one of the parents holds the "Everstone" iconEverstone item, they will pass down their Nature to their offspring 100% of the time. If both parents hold an Everstone, there will be a 50-50 split between which Nature is passed down, so don’t do that.

  2. Introduced in the previous games, Sword & Shield, you can use Mint items to modify a Pokémon’s increased/decreased stat, effectively changing their Nature. This effect does not carry over to offspring when breeding.


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