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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Evolve Sinistea into Polteageist

Ben Chard

This page explains everything you may wish to know about catching and evolving "Sinistea" IconSinistea into "Polteageist" IconPolteageist in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. You will need to seek out special items to get the evolution to take place.

Sinistea is a unique Pokemon with special conditions to evolve into Polteageist.

Best Places to Catch Sinistea

Before you can get the process started, you’ll need to begin by tracking down a Sinistea and catching one. There are two prime locations when it comes to tracking down a Sinistea, with their Levels varying based on the area you catch it.

The first is by heading, to Zapapico in East Province (Area Three), the Sinistea out here will be around Level 28. Alternatively, you can head just outside Alfornada in South Province (Area Six) to find Sinistea that are around Level 41.

Level Area Map Marker
28 Zapapico Map Marker
41 Alfornada Map Marker

(1 of 3) Sinistea will spawn close to towns and cities

Knowing the locations of Sinistea is also useful for those of you who are looking to evolve Charcadet where you’ll need to farm Sinisteas for 10 Sinister Chips that you’ll need for your trade for the "Malicious Armor" iconMalicious Armor.

Evolving Sinistea into Polteageist

So now you have your Sinistea finally, you may be wondering how you evolve this lovable teacup into Polteageist, and here is where it gets a bit complicated. Despite there being no difference in terms of stats and moves, there are actually two forms of Sinistea (although you only need one form for your Pokedex).

The most common form of Sinistea is the regular form, and you’ll need a "Cracked Pot" iconCracked Pot to evolve it from your inventory. If this doesn’t work, that means you’ve managed to catch an Antique Form Sinistea, at which point you’ll need a "Chipped Pot" iconChipped Pot to be able to evolve it.

How can you tell which Form you have? Beyond checking if the Cracked Pot works or not, the only other way to tell which form of Sinistea you have is by using the Let’s Go! feature and looking on the underside of it, the Antique Form will have a blue circle which appears to hint towards its authenticity.

Where to Find Cracked Pots and Chipped Pots

So now it’s time to actually track down the pots you need to evolve your Sinistea into Polteageist. You’ll need to progress Victory Road to the point where you’ve undertook and completed the Water Gym Test where you’ll need to win an item at the auctions held there.

Keep checking back at the auction to see if the Cracked or Chipped Pots are up for sale.

Once you’re done with this part of Victory Road, you can return to Port Marinada and the Auction to bid on certain items, of which the stock will change after a few hours. Both the Chipped Pot and the Cracked Pot can appear here as items, so if you’re in a hurry, you can look to advance the internal clock on your Switch. Otherwise, return here from time-to-time to see if either are available although expect to spend around 15,000+ poke dollars for either of the items.

Alternatively, you can find a Chipped Pot out in the wild. Head along the winding path east of Port Marinada and check near a large tree to find a Chipped Pot sitting there.

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