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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat the Dark Crew in Scarlet & Violet

Vincent Lau

This page serves as an explanation on how to beat Team Star’s Dark Crew in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. We go into detail about where exactly you can find their base, the best way to reach the base and when you should take on the task of fighting the Team Star Dark Crew and their leader, Giancomo.

Where is the Dark Crew Located?

(1 of 2) Outside the Dark Crew’s base.

Outside the Dark Crew’s base. (left), The Dark Crew’s base on the map. (right)

Team Star’s Dark Crew is located west from the massive, central crater. More precisely, their base is found a short distance south from the town of Cascarrafa, at the north-east corner of West Province (Area One).

Best Way to Reach the Dark Crew

To reach the Dark Crew’s base, we suggest venturing west from Mesagoza’s west gate. Make your way west through South Province (Area Two) towards the town of Cortondo. Halfway along, there’s a Pokémon Center you can use to rest.

From Cortondo, travel north-west, following the zigzagging trail, towards a bridge going across a river. Past the bridge, keep following the trail west to another Pokémon Center. Next, continue west for a short distance, then head north towards another bridge across a river.

After crossing this bridge, travel north-east, following the trail once more. There will be a Pokémon Center halfway between the bridge and the town of Cascarrafa. Before reaching Cascarrafa, there’s a trail going south-east that leads to the Dark Crew’s base.

When to Fight the Dark Crew?

We recommend attempting the Dark Crew when your Pokémon are above Level 20. Also, since your opponents will primarily use Dark Dark type Pokémon, you’ll want at least one or two Dark-type counters in your team.

Recommended Pokémon for the Dark Crew

In general, Fighting Fighting, Bug Bug and Fairy Fairy Pokémon are recommended. In particular, we highly encourage bringing a Fighting Fighting type.

(1 of 2) Tinkatink live near ruins.

Tinkatink live near ruins. (left), Pawmi evolves at Level 18. (right)

Here are some suggestions:

  • "Makuhita" IconMakuhita is a common Fighting Fighting type found all across western and eastern Paldea.
  • "Mankey" IconMankey is another common Fighting Fighting type, found in western Paldea.
  • Flamigo is a Flying Flying and Fighting Fighting type found in the ponds east from Los Platos.
  • Tarountula is a common Bug Bug type found in southern Paldea.
  • Nymble is a common Bug Bug type found in western Paldea.
  • Fidough is a Fairy Fairy type found around Los Platos and the western outskirts of Mesagoza.
  • Tinkatink is a rare Fairy Fairy and Steel Steel type found near ruins (one right near the Dark Crew base, another north-east from Cortondo).
  • If you evolve Pawmi (found in southern Paldea) into Pawmo, it gains the Fighting Fighting type.

Attacking the Dark Crew’s Base

First things first, head straight for the barricade in front of the Dark Crew’s base. There will be two Grunts blocking the way. After some chit-chat, one of the Grunts will fight you.

Team Star Grunt

(1 of 2) This Grunt acts as a Level check

This Grunt acts as a Level check (left), Bug and Fighting attacks deal neutral damage versus Murkrow. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Murkrow" IconMurkrow 19 Dark Dark Flying Flying

For this, Electric Electric, Rock Rock, Ice Ice and Fairy Fairy Pokémon have an advantage.

After kicking her butt, ring the doorbell at the gates when you’re ready to begin the gauntlet.

Star Barrage

In a Star Barrage, you must take on opposing Pokémon by auto-battling with Joy-Con-R. Simply press the button to throw your Pokémon; it will then target whatever is in front. You can send out up to three Pokémon simultaneously.

(1 of 2) The Star Barrage is different to regular Pokémon battles.

The Star Barrage is different to regular Pokémon battles. (left), If you frequently use “Let’s Go!”, this should be easy. (right)

If your Pokémon take damage, you can speak to Clarv… Clive to heal your Pokémon. If any get knocked out and you’ve ran out of Revives, look for a vending machine. Finally, if it’s not looking good, you can press Joy-Con-ButtonY to give up.

You’ll lose the Star Barrage if all of your Pokémon are KO’d or you run out of time before defeating the required amount of Pokémon. On this occasion, you have 10 minutes to defeat 30 Pokémon.

Team Star Grunts should send out their Pokémon when you’re somewhat near them. After beating up those Pokémon, keep moving, in search of other grunts. There should be more than enough Pokémon and more than enough time. We managed to clear within 2 minutes.

Here are the Pokémon we encountered:

Image Pokémon Type
Stunky "Stunky" IconStunky Poison Poison Dark Dark
Zorua "Zorua" IconZorua Dark Dark
Pawniard "Pawniard" IconPawniard Dark Dark Steel Steel
Sandile "Sandile" IconSandile Dark Dark Ground Ground
Murkrow "Murkrow" IconMurkrow Dark Dark Flying Flying
Sneasel "Sneasel" IconSneasel Dark Dark Ice Ice
Sableye "Sableye" IconSableye Dark Dark Ghost Ghost

If you’re up against "Stunky" IconStunky, the common counters won’t be super-effective. But hopefully your Pokémon are strong enough. Otherwise, you could consider bringing a Ground Ground type along.

Against "Pawniard" IconPawniard, of the common counters, only Fighting Fighting is super-effective. But these Pawniard aren’t exceptionally strong. Ground Ground is also good here, if you’re uncertain.

Versus "Murkrow" IconMurkrow, hopefully you remember their weakness, from when you fought one outside the gates. Bug and Fighting deal neutral damage, while Fairy Fairy remains super-effective.

Finally, if you’re combating "Sableye" IconSableye, only Fairy Fairy is super-effective, while Fighting deals no damage.

After conquering the Star Barrage, you’ll jump straight into a battle with their head honcho…

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