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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Defeat Bug Gym Leader Katy (Rematch)

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for defeating Katy, the Bug Gym Leader, during her rematch in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to Rematch Katy

Katy is ready for a second helping… of defeat, hopefully.

You can rematch Katy after completing the Area Zero story (after seeing the credits roll) and visiting the Director’s Office at Naranja/Uva Academy. Geeta will ask you to visit the eight gyms of Paldea in her place, as part of an inspection. During this time, you can challenge the gym leaders at their full power!

Recommended Pokémon for Katy During Her Rematch

Katy still uses Bug type Pokémon, so we recommend bringing Fire, Rock and Flying types.

Her Pokémon are all Level 65-66, so your Pokémon should be Level 65+ to match.

If you need some ideas, here are some suggestions:

  • The Level 75 Tera "Dragonite" IconDragonite at the far eastern edge of Paldea. High Level with exceptional Attack. You can use its "Hurricane" iconHurricane or relearn Wing Attack, which is weaker, but more accurate and runs off Dragonite’s superior Attack stat.
  • Chi-Yu, a Legendary Pokémon that’s Dark and Fire type, located in one of the sealed shrines.
  • "Corviknight" IconCorviknight, a Flying and Steel type common in Area Zero.
  • "Volcarona" IconVolcarona, a Bug and Fire type found in Area Zero.
  • If playing Pokémon Violet, Iron Moth and/or Iron Jugulis, Paradox Pokémon found in Area Zero.

What Pokémon does Katy Use During Her Rematch?

Pokémon Level Type
Lokix 65 Bug Bug Dark Dark
"Forretress" IconForretress 65 Bug Bug Steel Steel
Spidops 65 Bug Bug
"Heracross" IconHeracross 65 Bug Bug Fighting Fighting
"Ursaring" IconUrsaring 66 Normal Normal (Tera Type: Bug Bug)


Lokix doesn’t have First Impressions, so it’s not so bad here.

This time, Katy has evolved her Nymble and it’s no longer a complete pushover (just a minor one). It can use "Lunge" iconLunge for Bug STAB and to lower your Attack, Sucker Punch for Dark STAB and to try and go first if you’re using an attacking move, Axe Kick to punch through Rock and Ice types etc. and Bounce to fly up for 1 turn.

Fire, Flying, Bug and Fairy types should have an easy time here. The main thing to watch out for is Sucker Punch, which has increased priority if you use an attacking move. If you’re both on low HP, don’t attack thinking you can win, unless you’re using something like Extreme Speed.


"Forretress" IconForretress acts as a wall, although it’s not too annoying. It can use "Bug Bite" iconBug Bite and "Gyro Ball" iconGyro Ball for STAB, "Stone Edge" iconStone Edge to tickle Fire types and "Curse" iconCurse to lower its Speed, but raise its Attack and Defense. It also has the Sturdy ability, preventing one-shots.

Fire types will deal the most damage for sure, but they’re susceptible to Stone Edge. Keep in mind that Forretress has Sturdy, so you won’t be one-shotting them either. Excluding Fire, Forretress has no other weaknesses, but it’s not particularly strong, so you can probably outlast it with neutral choices. Just remember to focus on special attacks, due to its high Defense.


We may have gone a little overboard here…

Katy has also evolved her Tarountula into this creeper critter. It can use "Skitter Smack" iconSkitter Smack for Bug STAB and to lower your Special Attack, Silk Trap to shield itself from damage and lower your Attack if you make contact, "Brick Break" iconBrick Break to punish Rock types and shatter barriers and "Throat Chop" iconThroat Chop to disable sound-based moves.

Since it’s a pure Bug type, Fire and Flying types will make quick work of it. Rock types are, of course, weak to Brick Break. That said, if they have high Defense, it shouldn’t do too much damage.


"Heracross" IconHeracross excels at punching holes. It’s carrying Megahorn and "Close Combat" iconClose Combat, both powerful STAB moves, plus Stone Edge to bash in Fire and Flying types and Night Slash to cut through "Psychic" iconPsychic types.

Flying types deal quadruple damage, but are weak to Stone Edge. Use them only if they’re faster than Heracross or bulky enough to take a hit. Fairy types may be a safer choice.

Terastallized Ursaring

Ouch, right in the kisser.

Finally, Katy will Terastallize her "Ursaring" IconUrsaring, evolved from "Teddiursa" IconTeddiursa. Watch out for Fury Cutter, which deals more damage with continued use, "High Horsepower" iconHigh Horsepower to crush Fire and Rock types, "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough to counter confused Fighting types and "Crunch" iconCrunch for additional coverage.

We suggest using Flying types, especially if Terastallized. That way, they can resist STAB Fury Cutter and take neutral/no damage from Ursaring’s other non STAB boosted moves.

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