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Aquiesta Supermarket: Location & Item List

Jessica Dillon

Throughout Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, there is a large number of shops selling goods. Out of these, the shops that sell ingredients for sandwiches are some of the most beneficial out there. Aquiesta Supermarket won’t be avalible until you get a bit further in the game. Below we go over everything this shop sells along with the prices for each item so that you can be the most informed shopper possible.

Aquiesta Supermarket location in Levincia.

Aquiesta Supermarket Location

The Aquiesta Supermarket can only be found at one location in the game, Levincia. This store sells unique items that you can’t get anywhere else, some of which that won’t unlock until after you have collected a set number of gym badges. the exact Aquiesta Supermarket Location is here if you want to head over to our interactive map.

Aquiesta Supermarket Item List

Once you arrive to the Aqueista Supermarket location, you can enter and proceed to buy cooking and crafting items. Each of these add various reagents and crafting materials for many recipes in the game. The below table shows you what you can get from the Aquiesta Supermarket, with many being only bought from here.

Ingredient Cost Unlock
"Mayonnaise" iconMayonnaise 120 None
"Ketchup" iconKetchup 110 None
"Mustard" iconMustard 130 None
"Salt" iconSalt 90 None
"Pepper" iconPepper 100 None
"Butter" iconButter 250 None
"Lettuce" iconLettuce 90 None
"Tomato" iconTomato 100 None
"Onion" iconOnion 130 None
"Pickle" iconPickle 90 None
"Ham" iconHam 170 None
"Cream Cheese" iconCream Cheese 280 None
"Jam" iconJam 120 None
"Olive Oil" iconOlive Oil 300 None
"Cheese" iconCheese 120 None
"Yogurt" iconYogurt 140 None
"Whipped Cream" iconWhipped Cream 200 None
"Cherry Tomatoes" iconCherry Tomatoes 120 None
"Cucumber" iconCucumber 130 None
"Avocado" iconAvocado 180 None
"Red Onion" iconRed Onion 200 None
"Vinegar" iconVinegar 300 None
"Watercress" iconWatercress 270 None
"Chili Sauce" iconChili Sauce 320 None
"Basil" iconBasil 280 None
"Green Bell Pepper" iconGreen Bell Pepper 230 None
"Red Bell Pepper" iconRed Bell Pepper 240 None
"Yellow Bell Pepper" iconYellow Bell Pepper 240 None
"Peanut Butter" iconPeanut Butter 260 None
"Wasabi" iconWasabi 330 N/A
"Tofu" iconTofu 260 Earn Five Gym Badges
"Horseradish" iconHorseradish 410 Six Gym Badges
"Curry Powder" iconCurry Powder 450 Seven Gym Badges
"Klawf Stick" iconKlawf Stick 500 Eight Gym Badges

What Are Ingredients Used For in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet?

Ingredients are used to make sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. You can do this when you set up a picnic to help you gain useful buffs, like increasing the rate at which your Pokemon gain experience. The ingredients found at Aquiesta Supermarket, like "Klawf Stick" iconKlawf Stick, are actually extremely important as they are used in sandwiches that up Pokemon spawn rates and make it easier to find shiny pokemon.

Useful Links

Here is a list of links that will help you use the ingredients at Aquiesta Supermarket to their fullest.


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