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Looking for some tips on how to get "Seedot" IconSeedot, "Nuzleaf" IconNuzleaf and "Shiftry" IconShiftry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask? This guide will cover just that, including the best competitive build for Wind Rider Shiftry. Let’s not waste any time and get straight into it.

How To Get Seedot

Trainers only need to travel to one location throughout this guide, so head over to this map point towards the north-east. Seedot can be found in a few places in Kitakami, but this is the easiest method for trainers. Once trainers arrive they can have a look around for a wild Seedot, using a "Quick Ball" iconQuick Ball on it for a faster encounter.

(1 of 8) Seedot Pokédex Picture

How To Get Nuzleaf

Once Seedot has been caught, trainer can level Seedot by one level to evolve it into Nuzeaf or find a wild one in the same location, although they’re not as easy to find and may take some time. Once again, Use a Quick Ball to catch.

(1 of 7) Level up Seedot by one to evolve it.

How To Get Wind Rider Shiftry

NUzleaf will need a "Leaf Stone" iconLeaf Stone to evolve into Wind Rider Shiftry, which can be found to the right-hand side of the cliff edge. Then use the Leaf Stone on Nuleaf to evolve it into Wind Rider Shiftry.

(1 of 6) A Leaf Stone can be found on the right-hand corner of the grassy area next to the cliff edge.

Best Wind Rider Shiftry Competitive Build

Stat Description
Level 100
Tera Type Grass
Nature Adamant
Ability Wind Rider
Held Item "Life Orb" iconLife Orb
Moveset "Foul Play" iconFoul Play, "Low Kick" iconLow Kick, "Trailblaze" iconTrailblaze and "Tailwind" iconTailwind
Base Stats 90 HP
EVs Attack: 252, Special Defense: 4 and Speed: 252
IVs HP: 31, Attack: 31, Defense: 0, Sp. Atk: 31 Sp. Def. 31 and Speed: 31

Wind Rider is a coveted ability which greatly increases Shiftrys use. Whilst "Tailwind" iconTailwind increased speed for the Pokémon in play and the rest of the team, Wind Rider also boosts attack once tailwind has been used. This is a powerful combination and this build should focus on speed and attack. "Foul Play" iconFoul Play and "Low Kick" iconLow Kick are good wall breakers and allows Shiftry to hit with "Trailblaze" iconTrailblaze as a solid STAB move that also boosts speed. "Life Orb" iconLife Orb will further improve attack power, but will also damage the user, so using Shiftry to sweep opponents quickly is ideal for trainers providing they use it at the right time.

We’ve got hundreds of Pokémon locations already on our Kitakami Region Map, but why not check out all of the New and Returning Pokémon for the DLC too and complete the Kitakami Pokédex?

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