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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Use Iron Hands to Solo Tera Raids

Ben Chard

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is out now and Tera Raids are a large part of the online component of the game. Due to the difficulty of trying to complete Tera Raids offline, Iron Hands will make life easier. Here is a "Iron" iconIron Hands Raid Build for Tera content.

!Iron Hands is exclusive to Pokemon Violet.

If you’ve been delving into the world of Tera Raids and have reached the point of taking on the challenging 5 and 6 Star Tera Raids, you may realize just how much more strategy comes into play. More importantly, you may notice that clearing these Offline with the AI is incredibly challenging, to the point of almost impossible. Even Online can be challenging if your teammates choose Pokémon that are not ideal.

Iron Hands Raid Build

Although the build below is intended to solo Tera Raids, the build can also be used to take your Iron Hands into online battles for some of the tougher Tera Raids. With this build, Iron Hands will always be a force of nature provided you’re not weak against any of the opponents you may go up against.

How to Catch Iron Hands

Enter, Iron Hands!

Before you can even get started on this method, you’ll need to actually catch this Paradox Pokémon and to make matters even more complicated, Iron Hands is a Violet exclusive, so you’ll have to trade for it if you’re on Scarlet.

Like all Paradox Pokémon, Iron Hands can be found in Area 0, the Great Crater of Paldea. You won’t be able to access this endgame area until you’ve completed Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends, at which point, The Way Home will begin as the final storyline for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Although you have access to Area 0 at this point, it’s better to wait until you finish the storyline and return to Area 0 after the credits. You can then start your descent again from Research Station One and make your way down as more and more Paradox Pokémon begin to appear. In terms of rarity, Iron Hands appears to be one of the more common Paradox Pokémon so it shouldn’t take too long to bag one and add it to your team.

(1 of 2) You can find !Iron Hands easily at Research Station 1 once you’re in the postgame

You can find !Iron Hands easily at Research Station 1 once you’re in the postgame (left), !Iron Hands is a common spawn at this stage of the game so don’t worry if you accidentally defeat it. (right)

Iron Hands Tera Raid Build: Belly Drum & Drain Punch

Now that you have Iron Hands, what is it about this Paradox Pokémon that has the Pokémon community go wild for him? There are two main moves you’ll want to make note of.

The first, is Belly Drum, a move that increases the user’s Attack stat to the maximum amount (6 stages), at the cost of halving their HP. This will allow Iron Hands to pump out a lot of damage, even in the higher Star Tera Raids.

Once you’ve raised his attack to max using Belly Drum, you’ll want to attack your foe with the "Drain Punch" iconDrain Punch move. This will deal significant damage to them while also restoring Iron Hand’s HP, giving it great survivability.

Using this method, you can use Iron Hands to carry you through Tera Raids solo or be one of the main players in an Online raid. To make life easier for yourself, be sure to Level Iron Hands as high as possible (Level 100 is of course preferable) and make use of Hyper Training to increase its stats further. Of course, having some useful hold items on Iron Hands can only serve to increase his survivability that bit more, especially for those tricky 6 Star Tera Raids.

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