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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

What is Terastallize in Scarlet & Violet?

Vincent Lau

Terastallize is the new battle gimmick introduced in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, akin to Mega Evolution, Z-Moves and Dynamax in previous generations. It is a way to enhance your Pokémon with different move types from their base type.

What is the Terastal Phenomenon?

(1 of 3) Terastallize is the new battle gimmick. (Credit: The Pokémon Company)

The Terastal Phenomenon makes Pokémon shine like gemstones. It has only been observed in the Paldea region, which Scarlet & Violet take place in.

When a Pokémon Terastallizes, it becomes covered in a jewel-like exterior and a crown-like Tera Jewel grows on top of its head. The type of exterior and Tera Jewel varies according to each Pokémon. All Pokémon can Terastallize.

What does Terastallize do?

Terastallize modifies the Pokémon’s type during battle. Each Pokémon has a Tera Type, which determines what type they become after Terastallizing. The Pokémon’s Tera Type is hidden until the moment they Terastallize, allowing you to surprise your opponents!

Every Pokémon has a wide variety of possible Tera Types. For example, most "Eevee" IconEevee have a Normal Tera Type. But there may be some Eevee with a Flying Tera Type. There are 18 possible Tera Types, which means a staggering number of Pokémon and Tera Type combinations!

In addition, when a Terastallized Pokémon uses a move that matches its Tera Type, that move will become more powerful. If that move matches the Pokémon’s Tera Type and one of the Pokémon’s original types, the boost will become even stronger!

Terastallizing can also have defensive uses, since it changes your Pokémon’s weakness. For example, if you are fighting a Fire-type with a Grass-type, you can turn the tables by Terastallizing your Grass-type into a Water-type!

How to Terastallize

(1 of 2) A Tera Orb is required to Terastallize. (Credit: The Pokémon Company)

A Tera Orb is required to Terastallize. (Credit: The Pokémon Company) (left), You can recharge the Tera Orb at shining crystals. (Credit: The Pokémon Company) (right)

To Terastallize your Pokémon, you will need a Tera Orb. After Terastallizing a Pokémon, the Tera Orb will lose its Terastal energy and you can’t use it again until it has recharged. You can recharge the Tera Orb by touching crystals overflowing with Terastal energy or by visiting a Pokémon Center.

During battles, you can Terastallize whenever you want. But only one Pokémon may Terastallize per battle. Pokémon will remain in their Terastallized form until the end of battle.

How to find rare Tera Types

Pokémon with rare Tera Types often appear in Tera Raid Battles. These are similar to Max Raid Battles in Sword & Shield, but more fast-paced.

(1 of 3) Look for shining crystals to enter a Tera Raid Battle. (Credit: The Pokémon Company)

While exploring Paldea, you may come across shining crystals on the field, where you can challenge Terastallized wild Pokémon. You can challenge Tera Raid Battles by yourself or with up to three other players.

Unlike Max Raid Battles, you can attack seemlessly without waiting for other trainers to choose their actions. Also, there’s a time limit for the battle, so you need to think fast!

After defeating a Terastallized Pokémon, you’ll have the chance to catch it. You can also earn items from winning too.

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