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Delibird Presents: Cascarrafa Item List

Jessica Dillon

"Delibird" IconDelibird Presents is a unique shop where you can exchange money for rare items. These items are needed to help boost Pokemon stats, evolve certain Pokemon like "Eevee" IconEevee, and customize your "Rotom Phone" iconRotom Phone. The third Delibird store you will encounter is in Cascarrafa. Below we go over everything this location sells and what the items will do for you in battle.

Delibird Presents storefront in Cascarrafa.

Delibird Presents Shops: Explained & Locations

Delibird Present shops are unique shops in the game that possess a variations of items. Thee items are typically used to empower your Pokemon, such as evolve your Eevee into one of its many elemental evolutions. You can also get items that boost moves, heal your Pokemon in battle, or even create weather effects on the battlefield for you.

As it stands, there are three Delibird Presents Shops in the Scarlet & Violet. The locations of these Delibird Present Shops are as follows:

Each store seems to have its own set of items you can buy, and its own location on the map. The remaining purpose of this guide is to go through the Delibird Presents Cascaraffa inventory, but you can check out everything about the other two Delibird Presents Shops on their respective pages.

Delibird Presents Shop Cascarrafa

You can find the Cascarrafa Delibird shop located at the top of the city. You will need to head to the center of the city and take a left. From there, head down the street to the last shop on the right, nearest to the city overlook.

Battle Items

Delibird Presents Cascarrafa battle items list.

Item Name Description Cost
"Magnet" iconMagnet Boosts Electric-Type Moves. 3,000
"Hard Stone" iconHard Stone Boosts Rock-Type Moves. 3,000
Poison Bard Boosts Poison-Type Moves. 3,000
"Spell Tag" iconSpell Tag Boosts Ghost-Type Moves. 3,000
"Dragon Fang" iconDragon Fang Boosts Dragon-Type Moves. 3,000
"Normal Gem" iconNormal Gem Boosts The Power of a Normal Type Attack Once. 15,000
"Leftovers" iconLeftovers Slightly Heals a Pokemon’s Health Every Turn. 20,000
"Big Root" iconBig Root Boosts Health Restored by Moves. 10,000
"Light Clay" iconLight Clay Makes Protective Moves Last More Turns. 20,000
"Mirror Herb" iconMirror Herb Mirror’s an Opponent’s Stat Boost Once Per Battle. 30,000

These are the unlockable items from Delitbird Presents Cascarrafa.

Item Name Description Cost Unlock Requirment
"Absorb Bulb" iconAbsorb Bulb If the holding Pokemon is hit with a water-type attack, their special attack will be increased, but the “"Absorb Bulb" iconAbsorb Bulb” iconAbsorb Bulb will disappear. 5,000 Four Gym Badges
"Air Balloon" iconAir Balloon Your Pokemon can’t be affected by traps or ground-type moves unless the balloon is popped. 15,000 Four Gym Badges
"Cell Battery" iconCell Battery Lowers the accuracy of opponents by 10%. 5,000 Four Gym Badges
"Damp Rock" iconDamp Rock Rain dance will last for eight turns. 8,000 Four Gym Badges
"Heat Rock" iconHeat Rock Harsh sunlight will last for eight turns. 8,000 Four Gym Badges
"Icy Rock" iconIcy Rock Snow will last for eight turns. 8,000 Four Gym Badges
"Luminous Moss" iconLuminous Moss Your special defense is increased if you are hit with a water-type attack. This only works once. 5,000 Four Gym Badges
"Mental Herb" iconMental Herb Removes infatuation or moves that make your Pokemon repeat an action. 10,000 Four Gym Badges
"Shed Shell" iconShed Shell Your Pokemon can switch without fail. 20,000 Four Gym Badges
"Smooth Rock" iconSmooth Rock "Sandstorm" iconSandstorm will last for eight turns. 8,000 Four Gym Badges
"Snowball" iconSnowball Your Pokemon will have their attack increased if hit by an ice-type attack. 5,000 Four Gym Badges
"White Herb" iconWhite Herb Will restore a lowered stat after your Pokemon makes a move, this only works once. 20,000 Four Gym Badges
"Utility Umbrella" iconUtility Umbrella Your Pokemon is protected from the weather. 15,000 Four Gym Badges
"Electric Seed" iconElectric Seed Defense is increased if an electric terrain is present. 20,000 Post-Game
"Grassy Seed" iconGrassy Seed Defense is increased if a grass terrain is present. 20,000 Post-Game
"Misty Seed" iconMisty Seed If a Misty terrain is ongoing, the Pokemon will have their special defense. 20,000 Post-Game
"Power Herb" iconPower Herb The holder no longer has to charge moves. This only works once. 30,000 Post-Game
"Psychic Seed" iconPsychic Seed Special defense is increased if a psychic terrain is present. 20,000 Post-Game
"Terrain Extender" iconTerrain Extender Terrains will stick around for an additional three turns. 15,000 Post-Game

General Goods

Delibird Presents General Goods List.

Item Name Description Cost
"Fire Stone" iconFire Stone Makes Certain fire-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Thunder Stone" iconThunder Stone Makes Certain Electric-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Leaf Stone" iconLeaf Stone Makes Certain Grass-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Water Stone" iconWater Stone Makes Certain Water-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Sweet Apple" iconSweet Apple Evolves "Applin" IconApplin Into "Appletun" IconAppletun. 2,200
"Tart Apple" iconTart Apple Evolves "Applin" IconApplin Into "Flapple" IconFlapple. 2,200
"Red Nectar" iconRed Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Baile Style. 300
"Yellow Nectar" iconYellow Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Pom-Pom Style. 300
"Pink Nectar" iconPink Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Pa’u Style. 300
"Purple Nectar" iconPurple Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Sensu Style. 300
"Smoke Ball" iconSmoke Ball Guarantees Your Pokemon Can Run 15,000
"Soothe Bell" iconSoothe Bell Makes Pokemon Calm. 5,000
"Everstone" iconEverstone Keeps a Pokemon From Evolving 3,000
"Power Weight" iconPower Weight Reduces Speed, But Helps HP Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Bracer" iconPower Bracer Reduces Speed, But Helps Attack Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Belt" iconPower Belt Reduces Speed, But Helps Defense Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Lens" iconPower Lens Reduces Speed, But Helps Special Attack Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Band" iconPower Band Reduces Speed, But Helps Special Defense Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Anklet" iconPower Anklet Reduces Speed, But Helps Speed Stat Grow. 10,000

Poke Balls

Delibird Presents Poke Ball List.

Item Name Description Cost
Poke Ball Lowest level ball. 200
"Great Ball" iconGreat Ball Provides a better catch rate than a Poke Ball. 600
"Heal Ball" iconHeal Ball Heals its Pokemon and Eliminates Status Ailments. 300
"Net Ball" iconNet Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Water and Bug-Types. 1,000
"Repeat Ball" iconRepeat Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Pokemon That You’ve Already Captured. 1,000
"Nest Ball" iconNest Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Low-Level Pokemon. 1,000

Rotom Cases

Delibird Presents Special Rotom Cases.

Item Name Cost
Grass Case 2,500
Water Case 2,500
Fire Case 2,500
Electric Case 2,500
Normal Case 2,500
Flying Case 2,500
Bug Case 2,500
Fighting Case 2,500
"Psychic" iconPsychic Case 2,500
Ghost Case 2,500
Ground Case 2,500
Rock Case 2,500
Ice Case 2,500
Dark Case 2,500
Fairy Case 2,500
Poison Case 2,500
Steel Case 2,500
Dragon Case 2,500
"Komala" IconKomala Log Case 5,000
Flabebe Flower Case 5,000
"Magnemite" IconMagnemite "Magnet" iconMagnet Case 5,000
"Gothita" IconGothita Ribbon Case 5,000


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