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How to Defeat Electric Gym Leader Iono

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat Electric Gym Leader Iono in Levincia in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. She is part of the Victory Road story path.

The Electric Gym Leader Iono.

How to Get to the Electric Gym in Levincia

The Electric Gym is likely the third gym you’ll want to take on as you’ll be battling against Level 23-24 Pokémon. The gym can be found in Levincia.

Levincia is found on the east coast. To get there, you’ll need to either first defeat the Flying Titan (Level 19) or defeat Team Star’s Fire Crew (Level 27). We’d recommend doing the titan battle over the latter choice given that the Electric Gym is lower level than the Fire Crew. When you fight the flying titan, Bombirdier, you’ll unlock the ability to swim on Koraidon/Miraidon and this will allow you to cross the river between East Province (Area One) and East Province (Area Two). You’ll want to cross at the sloped area directly south of Levincia.

The path to the bridge is blocked by a Team Star barricade, which will only go away if you fight the Fire Crew first, hence why you’ll need to beat Bombirdier and unlock the swimming ability.

(1 of 2) Team Star are blocking your path

Team Star are blocking your path (left), instead, find the slope down river and cross using your Miraidon/Koraidon. (right)

If you’re interested in finding out about the optimal way to complete this game, head over to our guide on What is the Best Story Order in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Recommended Pokémon for Fighting Gym Leader Iono

Your Pokémon team should ideally be Level 23 or higher for this battle.

Since you’re fighting at the Electric Gym, you’ll want to make-up a team of Pokémon that do well against Electric-Types. Unfortunately, only Ground Ground can do x2 damage against Electric-types. A ground-type Pokémon is also immune to Electric-types so it’s definitely a good idea to have one in your arsenal for the fight against the Electric Gym. You probably don’t want to make up an entire team of Ground-type Pokémon and rather, you’ll want to make sure you have decently strong Pokémon, and avoid using Steel Steel, Flying Flying and other Electric Electric type Pokémon as they do only x0.5 damage (not very effective).

Additionally, you’ll want to avoid fighting using Water Water type Pokémon and Flying Flying type Pokémon, as Electric-type moves will do x2 damage (super effective) against them. So if you’ve got a Quaxly starter you’ll want to avoid bringing him out in this fight!

Gym Leader Iono’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
Wattrel 23 Electric Electric Flying Flying
Bellibolt 23 Electric Electric
"Luxio" IconLuxio 23 Electric Electric
"Mismagius" IconMismagius 24 Ghost Ghost with Electric Electric tera-type.


Wattrel is the first Pokémon in Iono’s team. It’s a flying and electric type meaning it will have some flying moves in addition to electric ones. Wattrel can use the Pluck move, so avoid bringing out any Pokémon particularly susceptible to Flying moves such as Grass Grass, Fighting Fighting and Bug Bug types. If you have any Pokémon that have Rock or Ice moves then you’ll do x2 damage to Wattrel because he’s a flying type.

No thoughts except destroy.


Bellibolt is annoying because even though it’s only an electric type, the rascal knows Water Gun, which is a water move and super effective against Ground types! So if you’ve brought in a strong Ground type you may want to switch him out before fighting Bellibot because he it does x2 damage! Remember, Ground-types aren’t affected by any electric-type moves, so Bellibolt will probably not use those and opt for Water Gun if he’s faced with a Ground-Type.

The Water Gun is a bit of a troll huh!

Additionally, he also has Spark in is movepool, which has a chance of paralyzing your Pokémon, which will either prevent you from attacking entirely or just reduce your speed.

Bellibolt also has the hidden ability, Electromorphosis which means that when it’s hit by a move, it becomes charged, boosting the power of the next Electric-type move it uses.

Does Bellibot want a hug or is he trying to paralyze my Pokémon?


Like Bellibolt, "Luxio" IconLuxio can and will use the Spark move, which does damage and has the potential to paralyze! Luxio should feel a bit easier than Bellibolt and you could chunk it reasonably quickly with some ground-type moves.

Luxio will charge at your Pokémon using Spark.

Terastallized Mismagius

"Mismagius" IconMismagius is typically a Ghost-type but when it’s terastallized it’ll assume the Electric tera-type. This doesn’t mean that it won’t use some of it’s Ghost-type moves though! It can still use "Confuse Ray" iconConfuse Ray which can confuse the Pokémon and can cause it to sometimes damage itself in instead of executing a move. So if you’ve got a Pokémon that’s weaker to Ghost moves (Ghost or Psychic), consider leaving it out of this fight! It also has the "Hex" iconHex ghost-move, which does extra damage based on if your Pokémon is affected by non-volatile status effects - so if your Pokémon is paralyzed it’ll do double damage! Luckily, confusion is not a non-volatile status effect.

This Mismagius is an Electric tera-type.

Mismagius also possesses the "Charge Beam" iconCharge Beam electric-type move but surprisingly, it uses it very rarely.

it also may have "Volt Switch" iconVolt Switch. During this attack, Mismagius will damage the opponent Pokémon, but since the Mismagius is the last Pokémon in this battle, it won’t do the second part of Volt Switch, which is when the user can be switched out with another Pokémon in their party.

Once you’ve defeated Mismagius, you’ll earn the Electric Gym Badge. You’ll now be able to catch and command Pokémon up to level 35. In addition, you’ll also gain the TM048 Volt Switch.

Levincia Gym completed!


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