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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise (Scarlet)

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to beat Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise, at the end of Area Zero in Pokémon Scarlet.

After defeating Professor Sada the first time, they will become desperate and send out the second Koraidon.

Best Strategy for Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise

Uh oh, you’ve got no Pokémon… or do you?

When the opportunity arises, select “Pokémon” from the menu and go all the way down to the only Pokémon you can use: Koraidon!

Encouraged by you and your friends, your Koraidon will transform into its battle form. Now the fight can properly begin!

At the start of the fight, the opposing Koraidon’s Orichalcum Pulse ability will trigger, causing harsh sunlight. This sunlight will boost the Attack of the opposing Koraidon and your own Koraidon.

For attacks, we suggest using Collision Course, Koraidon’s signature move. Although "Flamethrower" iconFlamethrower is boosted by the sunlight, it’s not effective against the opposing Koraidon.

Collision Course deals the most damage.

You’ll notice that Collision Course will take off around 1/10 of the opponent’s health. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. Keep spamming Collision Course for now.

Meanwhile, your opponent can use "Taunt" iconTaunt to stop you using non-attacking moves (namely "Endure" iconEndure), "Bulk Up" iconBulk Up to boost its Attack and Defense, Flamethrower to deal OK damage and "Giga Impact" iconGiga Impact for big damage but requires recharging afterwards.

When hit by Giga Impact, you’ll drop to 1 HP. However, on the next turn, your Koraidon’s Attack will rise by 2 stages and the opposing Koraidon will be immobile. If you didn’t use Collision Course during every turn, use a "Max Potion" iconMax Potion or "Full Restore" iconFull Restore to heal. Otherwise, skip healing and use Collision Course for the last time.

Tera Blast will take off 1/2 of the health bar.

The next turn, your "Tera Orb" iconTera Orb will gain energy and all of your Koraidon’s stats will increase. Now Terastallize your Koraidon and pick "Tera Blast" iconTera Blast! Your Koraidon should outspeed its opponent and KO it with the Tera-boosted, super-effective damage. Note that if you didn’t use Collision Course the full 5 times, you may be shy of a KO.

After the Fight

Triumph against the Guardian of Paradise and the curtains will close on the story. After the credits roll, you’ll return to your room in the academy, ready for postgame adventures!

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