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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat Professor Turo (Violet)

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for defeating Professor Turo at the end of Area Zero in Pokémon Violet. We’ll explain what Pokémon he uses, their moves and the best Pokémon to counter them!

We think Professor Turo has been pulling too many all-nighters…

Recommended Pokémon for Professor Turo

Turo has a varied team of Paradox Pokémon, so you’ll need a varied team yourself. At the least, you should bring an Electric, a Psychic and a Ground type.

Your Pokémon should be Level 66 or higher, since Turo’s Pokémon are all Level 66 to start with.

Here are some Pokémon you could use, if you’re low on ideas:

  • The Level 75 Tera "Lucario" IconLucario at Dalizapa Passage, in the underground tunnel. A good all-rounder.
  • The Level 75 Tera "Dragonite" IconDragonite at the eastern edge of Paldea. Has great raw power.
  • The Level 65 Tera "Garchomp" IconGarchomp at Colonnade Hollow. An excellent Ground type.
  • The Level 65 "Eelektross" IconEelektross on an island towards the far north-east. A slow Electric type, but gets the work done.
  • The Level 60 Tera "Raichu" IconRaichu on an island north-west from Porto Marinada. Not the strongest Pokémon around, but good if you need an alternative or additional Electric type.
  • "Corviknight" IconCorviknight, a Flying and Steel type. Common within Area Zero. Can wall Turo’s last Pokémon.
  • Farigiraf, a Normal and Psychic type. You can occasionally find them in Area Zero or evolve the "Girafarig" IconGirafarig commonly found there.

What Pokémon does Professor Turo have?

Pokémon Level Type
Iron Moth 66 Fire Fire Poison Poison
Iron Bundle 66 Ice Ice Water Water
Iron Hands 66 Fighting Fighting Electric Electric
Iron Jugulis 66 Dark Dark Flying Flying
Iron Thorns 66 Rock Rock Electric Electric
Iron Valiant 67 Fairy Fairy Fighting Fighting

Iron Moth

These Paradox Pokémon are all !Iron something, but none of his are Steel types!

This futuristic "Volcarona" IconVolcarona can use Fiery Dance and "Sludge Wave" iconSludge Wave for STAB, Discharge to counter Water types and "Air Slash" iconAir Slash for extra coverage. Also keep in mind that Fiery Dance has a 1/2 chance of boosting Iron Moth’s Special Attack.

Ground types are definitely the way to go, for the 4x damage. Rock and Psychic are also great.

Iron Bundle

You’ve fought these robo-"Delibird" IconDelibird before. Turo’s one can use Freeze-Dry and "Water Pulse" iconWater Pulse for STAB, Drill Peck to hurt Grass and Fighting types and "Snowscape" iconSnowscape to summon snow. Freeze-Dry is also super-effective on Water types. During snow, Ice type Pokémon gain boosted Defense.

We recommend a reliable Electric type for this.

Iron Hand

Fake Out is a bit annoying, but it only works once.

You should be familiar with this "Hariyama" IconHariyama from the future. Turo’s one can use "Drain Punch" iconDrain Punch and "Thunder Punch" iconThunder Punch for STAB, "Iron Head" iconIron Head to make Fairy types dizzy and Fake Out for a turn one flinch. As a reminder, Drain Punch also heals Iron Hand.

Ground or Psychic types are the safest bets here.

Iron Jugulis

Again, another Paradox that you fought to get here. Turo’s one can use "Dark Pulse" iconDark Pulse and Air Slash for STAB, "Flash Cannon" iconFlash Cannon to dazzle Rock and Fairy types and "Flamethrower" iconFlamethrower to melt Ice types.

This is another job for an Electric type.

Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns is a futuristic looking "Tyranitar" IconTyranitar. This one can use "Stone Edge" iconStone Edge and "Thunder" iconThunder Punch for STAB, "Brick Break" iconBrick Break to shatter screens and "Earthquake" iconEarthquake for general coverage.

Ground types are ideal, since they deal quadruple damage. Fighting and Grass should work well too.

Iron Valiant

Intimidate is helpful for lowering Attack.

This mechanized "Gallade" IconGallade is Turo’s final Pokémon. He won’t Terastallize it, but it’s holding a "Booster Energy" iconBooster Energy, which will trigger Quark Drive, boosting its Attack stat.

Attack-wise, it can use Spirit Break for Fairy STAB and to lower your Special Attack, Brick Break for Fighting STAB and to break screens, Psycho Cut to deter Poison types and "Poison Jab" iconPoison Jab to hurt opposing Fairy types.

Flying and Psychic types will reign supreme here. "Gyarados" IconGyarados is great for triggering Intimidate to lower Iron Valiant’s Attack back to normal levels.

After defeating Turo, it’s not quite over just yet. As you’ll face one more challenge!

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