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How to Beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan

Shane Williams

Need to know how to beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet? We have details on where to find it, what Pokémon we recommend you bring along and ultimately, how to defeat it.

Orthworm is a level 29 Steel Type.

Where to Find Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan

Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan can be found by roaming around the East Province (Area Three) which is reached by exiting the Naranja Academy via east gate and working your way up north through East Province (Area One) and East Province (Area Two). Alternatively, you can head northwest from the Levincia Pokémon Center. However, when you approach it you’ll notice the battle doesn’t trigger, so simply keep dashing into him with your Legendary Pokémon two or three times and eventually the battle will begin.

How to Beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan

Recommended Pokémon for the Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan

Ideally, you kick of learning how to beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan when you are at least Level 29. Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan is a Steel Steel type, so you’ll ideally want to bring along a atleast one of Fire Fire, Fighting Fighting or Ground Ground It doesn’t matter which of the three elements you choose as Bombirdier is weak to all three by the same amount. If you haven’t got you hands on any Fire Fire, Fighting Fighting or Ground Ground, then you should consider these options which you would’ve seen whilst adventuring towards the Lurking Steel Titan:

Pokémon Type
Diglett Ground Ground
Mudbray Ground Ground
Phanpy Ground Ground
Makuhita Fighting Fighting
Mankey Fighting Fighting
Litleo Fire Fire
Charcadet Fire Fire

Best Strategies: How To Beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan

Bear in mind when learning how to beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan, there’s a brief pause in-between the two fights, etc. If you’ve selected any of the Pokémon mentioned above, then some of these attacks will be useful for the upcoming battle. "Diglett" IconDiglett Sand Attack, "Mudbray" IconMudbray "Bulldoze" iconBulldoze, Charcadet "Flame Charge" iconFlame Charge, "Mankey" IconMankey "Low Kick" iconLow Kick.

(1 of 4) Orthworm can use Iron Tail

Attacks play a big part in learning how to beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan. It can use "Iron" iconIron Tail which will lower your defense which means your Pokémon will take more damage from regular attacks. Headbutt which can deal decent damage to your Pokémon depending on your level and type, so throughout the battle you’ll want to make sure you keep topping up your health with "Potion" iconPotions or "Super Potion" iconSuper Potions to avoid it being defeated.

Next up, we have Wrap which will inflict damage to your Pokémon for 2-5 turns, so as long you use potions this attack shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid using Pokémon Types its strong against which are Dragon Dragon Bug Bug Fairy Fairy Ice Ice Flying Flying Grass Grass Normal Normal "Psychic" iconPsychic Psychic and Rock Rock

Round 2

Halfway through learning how to beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan health down into the red it’ll flee and you’ll need to find it in order to complete the battle. Simply, walk down through the tunnel it created to find it, then keep running into it like you did at the last to trigger the battle. However, this time around the Orthworm has consumed a Herba Mystica which will buff it up, but dont worry too much as Arven will be fighting alongside you this time with Toedscool who is a Grass Grass type. Toedscool will use "Grass Knot" iconGrass Knot and Supersonic, but these dont seem too effective against the Orthworm.

All Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan attacks in phase two are the same as phase one with one addition, "Sandstorm" iconSandstorm which will cause you to take damage. Outside of Sandstorm the other three attacks mentioned above will just deal more damage due to the Orthworm being buffed, so just make sure you heal up throughout.

After the Battle

After successfully learning how to beat Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan and you’ll gain access to Jump which is a new travel ability. This can be used by pressing Joy-Con-ButtonPlus button on the joycons or pro controller to hop onto Miraidon or Koraidon, then press and hold Joy-Con-ButtonB and you’ll now jump higher than before. This will be great for when you’re traversing the world.

You can now jump even higer on your Legendary Pokemon.


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