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How to Defeat Ghost Gym Leader Ryme

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat the Ghost Gym Leader Ryme in Montenevera in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. You will first need to complete the requisite Gym Test before being allowed to battle Ryme.

Ryme is the Ghost Gym Leader.

How to Get to the Ghost Gym

The Ghost Gym is likely the sixth gym you’ll want to take on as you’ll be battling against Level 41-42 Pokémon. The gym can be found in Montenevera. Montenevera is found in the snowy region in the northeast. You’ll need to scale the mountain to reach the gym!

If you’re interested in finding out about the optimal way to complete this game, head over to our guide on the What is the Best Story Order in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Rime has a big fancy stage all set up ready for your battle!

Recommended Pokémon for Fighting Gym Leader Ryme

Your Pokémon team should ideally be Level 35 or higher for this battle. This is a double battle so it’ll be 2 of your Pokémon versus 2 of Ryme’s Pokémon! Make sure you’ve got a decent line up of Pokémon!

Since you’re fighting at the Ghost Gym, you’ll want to make-up a team of Pokémon that do well against Ghost-types. Ghost Ghost and Dark Dark Pokémon all do x2 damage against Ghost-types. You should avoid bringing in Normal Normal and Fighting Fighting types because they won’t do any damage to Ghost-types! And you probably don’t want to bring in a Psychic Psychic as Ghost-types do x2 damage!

On the way over to the Ghost Gym, you’ll find a few of the new super cute Ghost dog Pokémon, Greavard and its evolution, Houndstone. You might want to pop one of them into your team and give it a whirl in this battle! Though the risk of bringing in a Ghost is that Ghosts do x2 damage to other ghost-types.

Ghost Doggie!

Gym Leader Ryme’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
"Mimikyu" IconMimikyu 41 Ghost Ghost
"Banette" IconBanette 41 Ghost Ghost
Houndstone 41 Ghost Ghost
"Toxtricity" IconToxtricity 42 Poison Poison Electric Electric and Ghost Ghost tera-type

The audience is great at boosting your confidence (and your Pokémon's attacks!)

During the double battle you can assign your Pokémon to choose a specific target, and Ryme’s Pokémon can also choose random opponents. You may find it useful to focus your efforts on one Pokémon at a time rather than having having your Pokémon targeting different opponents.


The first hit you send out on "Mimikyu" IconMimikyu won’t actually hit because of their hidden ability, Disguise. But once the disguise is busted, you’ll be good to go! Mimikyu has the normal-type move Slash. It can also perform Shadow Sneak, which is a ghost-type move that does a fair bit of damage.

Pikachu or Mimikyu?


"Banette" IconBanette has the Dark-type move, Sucker Punch which does a fair amount of damage. The Banette is reasonably weak though so it won’t seem to pose much of a threat. Like Mimikyu, it can also cast Shadow Sneak, which is just a ghost-type damaging move.

Sucker Punch is a dark-type move.


Houndstone is the evolution of the new Ghost dog, Greavard. If it goes before your Pokémon in the sequence of moves it’ll disappear using the Phantom Force ghost move. Whilst it’s invisible, your attacks will miss. On its next turn it will reappear and deal damage to its target. It can also use the fairy-type move, Play Rough, which also does a decent amount of damage and can also occasionally lower the target’s attack.

Given that Houndstone uses Phantom Force a fair bit, you’ll want to bring out a Pokémon that can quickly one-shot or always attack first to ensure he doesn’t disappear and dodge your attacks!

The Houndstone will come in once you've defeated one of the first two Pokémon.


"Toxtricity" IconToxtricity is usually Poison and Electric-type Pokémon, but when it is Terastallized, it’ll become the Ghost tera-type. Toxtricity has a few different powerful attacks in its arsenal. Hyper Voice is a normal-type strong attack that’ll target all adjacent opponents - meaning both of your Pokémon will be damaged by it. It also knows Discharge, which is an electric-type move that damages all Pokémon in a double battle, except itself, and also has a 30% chance of paralyzing all targets. This means it’ll also damage its own ally!

Toxtricity is a Ghost tera-type.

And finally because it has the Ghost tera-type, it can perform the Shadow Ball ghost-type attack. Shadow Ball deals damage and has a 20% chance of lowering the target’s Special Defense.

Once you’ve defeated Toxtricity, you’ll earn the Ghost Gym Badge. You’ll now also be able catch and command Pokémon up to Level 50. Additionally, you’ll also earn TM041 Shadow Ball.

Montenevera Gym is completed!


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