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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

All Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers an overview of all Paradox Pokémon found in Area Zero in Pokémon Scarlet. You’ll find information on their types and what they look like!

If you’re looking for a complete list of Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Violet, head over to our page, All Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Violet.

What are Paradox Pokémon?

Paradox Pokémon are exclusive Pokémon found in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Each version of the game has unique Paradox Pokémon - Violet has futuristic Paradox Pokémon whilst Scarlet has ancient ones. Each of the Paradox Pokémon is a futuristic/ancient version of a pre-existing Pokémon with different types and moves. If you want Ancient Paradox Pokémon but have the Violet version of the game, you’ll need to trade Pokémon with someone who has Scarlet (and vice versa).

Scream Tail is an ancient Paradox Pokémon that resembles Jigglypuff.

You will only be able to capture Paradox Pokémon once you’ve got access to Area Zero - the crater at the center of the Paldea Region. To do this, you’ll need to first complete all three story paths:

Scarlet Paradox Pokémon

Icon Pokémon Type Link
pm1082_00_00_00_big.png Great Tusks Ground Ground Fighting Fighting How to Find Great Tusks
pm1083_00_00_00_big.png Brute Bonnet Dark Dark Grass Grass How to Find Brute Bonnet
pm1088_00_00_00_big.png Slither Wing Fighting Fighting Bug Bug How to Find Slither Wing
pm1085_00_00_00_big.png Sandy Shocks Ground Ground Electric Electric How to Find Sandy Shocks
pm1086_00_00_00_big.png Scream Tail Fairy Fairy Psychic Psychic How to Find Scream Tail
pm1087_00_00_00_big.png Flutter Mane Fairy Fairy Ghost Ghost How to Find Flutter Mane
pm1089_00_00_00_big.png Roaring Moon DarkDark Dragon Dragon How to Find Roaring Moon
pm1102_11_00_00_big.png Koraidon (Legendary) Fighting Fighting Dragon Dragon How to Find Koraidon
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