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"Nosepass" IconNosepass is an obvious reference to the ancient Easter Island sculptures, but that reference won’t help trainers catch one in this generation. Here’s how to get Nosepass and evolve into "Probopass" IconProbopass in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask. We’ve even got a rock solid yet electrifying competitive build for Probopass, so let’s get straight into it.

How To Get Nosepass

Start by heading to the Paradise Barrens fast travel point. From there, Nosepass should be in abundance. Use a quick ball to get and easy capture whilst have a high-level Pokémon with false swipe and a status affecting move for backup. Once Nosepass has evolved, we need to evolve it into Probopass. The trick is to use a certain evolutionary item to push the process along.

(1 of 6) Head over to the Paradise Barrens fast travel location.jpg

How To Evolve Nosepass Into Probopass

Trainers will need a Thunderstone to evolve Nosepass into Probopass. Thunderstones can be found as dropped items around Kitakami and Paldea, with Delibird Presents stocking them for $3000. The easiest one to find would be south of Paradise Barrens along the west side of the map as the grasslands appear. Go around halfway down this area to find a rocky patch to the west side of the map to find a Thunderstone.

(1 of 5) Head south of Paradise Barren and hug the east side of the map until the middle of the grassland area.

Once trainers have a Thunderstone, use it on Nosepass whilst it’s in the trainers party to evolve it into Probopass. Now trainers have a strong new partner Pokémon, let’s get into the best build for it.

The Best Probopass Competitive Build

Stat Description
Level 100
Tera Type Flying
Nature Calm
Ability Magnet Pull
Held Item "Leftovers" iconLeftovers
Moveset "Earth Power" iconEarth Power, "Power Gem" iconPower Gem, "Stealth Rock" iconStealth Rock and "Thunder Wave" iconThunder Wave
Base Stats HP: 95 Attack: 60, Defense: 79, Sp. Atk: 100, Sp. Def, 125 and Speed: 81
EVs HP: 252, Special Defense: 168 and 88 Speed
IVs HP: 31, Attack: 31, Defense: 31, Sp. Atk: 31 Sp. Def. 31 and Speed: 0

Thanks to its high Sp. Defense stat, Probopass can set up "Stealth Rock" iconStealth Rock whilst taking hits thanks to a number of added benefits of this build. Its flying Tera-Typing will eliminate its Ground and Rock weaknesses with Leftover topping up its HP every turn. "Earth Power" iconEarth Power is a strong special move which should be used to wipe out and Steel types looking to get a foothold. "Power Gem" iconPower Gem is a powerful move that will receive a 50% basic damage boost thanks to its type match up with Probopass. This is known as STAB (Same-type attack bonus). Finally "Thunder Wave" iconThunder Wave will help break any sweepers knock out streak to even the odds.

We’ve got hundreds of Pokémon locations already on our Kitakami Region Map , but why not check out all of the New and Returning Pokémon for the DLC too and complete the Kitakami Pokédex?

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