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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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How to Defeat Grass Gym Leader Brassius

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat the Grass Gym Leader Brassius on the Victory Road story path in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

The Grass Gym is likely the second gym you’ll want to take on as you’ll be battling against Level 16-17 Pokémon. The gym can be found in Artazon. To get to Artazon, head out of the east gate from Mesagoza and follow the path all the way east.

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Brassius is the Grass Gym Leader at Artazon.

Recommended Pokémon for Fighting Gym Leader Brassius

Your Pokémon team should ideally be Level 16 or higher for this battle.

Since you’re fighting at the Grass Gym, you’ll want to make-up a team of Pokémon that do well against Grass-types. Luckily, some of the types that do well against Bug-types, will also do well against Grass-types, meaning you won’t need to alter your team all that much between fighting at the Bug Gym and Grass Gym. Bug Bug, Poison Poison, Ice Ice, Flying Flying and Fire Fire Pokémon are all good options because they’ll do x2 damage (super effective). As you can see, a lot of different types can do x2 times damage to Grass types, meaning you shouldn’t have much of a problem making up a team that can fight this gym effectively.

If you’ve got the fire starter, Fuecoco, you should definitely use him in this battle. And if you picked up any Flying-types for your fight against the Bug Gym, you could try levelling them up along the way to the Grass Gym. Here’s some other recommended Pokémon that can be found on the way to the Grass Gym:

  • "Litleo" IconLitleo - A normal and fire-type Pokémon that can be found on the riverbank in South Province (Area Five), which is near the path between Mesagoza and Artazon. Take the steps down the cliff towards the lower levels near the river.
  • Charcadet - A fire-type Pokémon that you can find up the hill behind the Musician Trainer near from the South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center.
  • "Rookidee" IconRookidee - A flying-type Pokémon found near South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center and the Artazon (West) Pokémon Center. You can also occasionally find some Rookidee and its evolution, "Corvisquire" IconCorvisquire near where you can find the Litleo in South Province (Area Five).

The Litleo is a great little normal and fire-type Pokémon. And it has cool different evolutions based on if they're male or female!

If you are picking up Pokémon from right outside Artazon, make sure you level them up first as they’ll probably be a few levels lower than the recommended Gym level!

Try to avoid bringing out Pokémon that are weak to Grass-type Pokémon, such as Rock Rock, Water Water and Ground Ground type Pokémon. That means if you chose the grass starter, Quaxly, you’ll probably want to keep it out of this fight!

Gym Leader Brassius’ Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
"Petilil" IconPetilil 16 Grass Grass
Smoliv 16 Grass Grass Normal Normal
"Sudowoodo" IconSudowoodo 17 Rock Rock with Grass Grass tera-type.


"Petilil" IconPetilil is a bit annoying because it can put your Pokémon to sleep using Sleep Powder and also use Mega Drain, which will drain your Pokémon of its HP and heal itself simultaneously. You’ll want to send out your strongest Pokémon here to try and deal with it quickly.

Petilil has some annoying moves like Sleep Powder!


Smoliv shouldn’t give you any real trouble if you’re using an effective Pokémon type. It seems to be less annoying than the Petilil and can be one shot pretty easily using a fire-type move like Ember.

Smoliv can be one-shot using Ember.


When Brassius brings out "Sudowoodo" IconSudowoodo, he will immediately terastallize it, revealing it to have a Grass Grass tera-type which is in keeping with the Grass theme. Sudowoodo is usually a Rock-type, but his Grass tera type will mean he has the "Trailblaze" iconTrailblaze grass-type move. This move will do damage to its opponent and also raise the Sudowoodo’s attack speed, meaning if you were hitting before it originally, it may start going before your Pokémon in the sequence of attacks. He’s definitely a lot tankier than Smoliv and Petilil so you probably won’t be able to one-shot him, so make sure you’re using super effective moves as Trailblaze can be quite painful.

The Terastallized Sudowoodo is Grass-type!

Once you’ve defeated Sudowoodo, you’ll earn the Grass Gym Badge and the TM Trailblaze! You can also now catch and command Level 30 Pokémon.

You've completed the Grass Gym!

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